I've been adding "Victims" to a few character bio pages and noticed it has inconvininced a few people who have removed most of them so I'd like to address it. I think we should be adding specs like victims to show just how many other characters the particular one has killed and also if so, should include caused deaths even if they didn't directly do it, because it's their fault they died e.g. Malcolm caused Robert's death so he is responsible. We should also be stating who a deceased character was killed by and since Constantine and Supergirl are now confirmed to be a part of the Arrowverse we should be elaborating species. I say this because almost every other wiki such as The Vampire Diaries/The Originals wiki and The Walking Dead wiki do this. Since there are like 6 shows now I also think we should have a infobox in the character bio page that states which shows the character is featured in and what seasons, and episode count. e.g. Ray Palmer has been featured in Season 3 and Season 4 of Arrow in 25 episodes (I don't exactly how many Arrow's he's been in), and Season 1 of The Flash in 1 episode and Season 1 of Legends of Tomorrow in 16 episodes. 

In short here are the specs I think we should be adding to character pages

  1. Victims
  2. Killed by to deceased characters' pages
  3. Species
  4. Seasons of respective shows a character is featured in.and an episode count of each show they have appeared in.