5 seasons of this show and I have learned one thing: Arrow doesn’t know write a descent love interest for Oliver and the ones that are descent, at least somewhat, either leave or die.

Oliver and Laurel kiss

Since they kinda f***ed this up, the love interests should just stop since Oliver's already lost the love of his life.

The main problem I have is the destroyed relationship between Oliver and Laurel. I don’t care what people think I always shipped them and I always thought they were much better suited for each other. She was also the one person who knew how to manage Oliver when he his head was shoved up his ass in self-blame and I always liked that about her. I shipped Oliver and Laurel even before I knew she was meant to be Black Canary. Yea I started this series not even knowing about Black Canary and knowing hardly anything about Green Arrow. When I saw the trailers in 2012 I was just like “That looks cool, and its DC ok I’m in!” It wasn’t until early season 2 when Sara appeared in and I goggled Black Canary, and I was actually surprised when I learned Black Canary was Laurel and I was like “Laurel becomes a superhero?”, then I started catching up on my comic book reading. When Laurel finally became Black Canary I was hoping she and he would get back together and give us the tradition paring. When he and she started working together around mid-season 3 I always got thrills because finally we finally had Green Arrow and Black Canary fighting side-by-side. Then by the end of season 4 I was crushed because I always thought they were endgame and I never stopped believing it, not until she died.

Oliver and Sara kiss

This was probably Arrow's best paring because it was wasn't complicated, which was ironic because their affair caused the complications in the first place.

Despite my hope that Oliver and Laurel would be together again my favorite relationship has to be Oliver and Sara. Despite their affair causing all this conflicted messed up crap theirs was surprisingly the least complicated and more down to earth of pairings. They fought together and confided in each other but they didn’t get mushy over it. She was also playful with him like in 2x17 when she learned Helena was Oliver’s ex-girlfriend, and she was still able to reach him when he got sulky or distant. Even some of Oliver’s more minor relationships like with Shado, McKenna and Helena were easier to support. I’m not really an Oliver x Susan shipper but honestly I was just glad he wasn’t with Felicity. Same with Felicity and Billy, I was just glad she wasn’t with Oliver but it looks like this may have been an elaborate means to restart Olicity again.

Felicity shot

If this doesn't happen for real I'm just going to assume Olicity is coming back, and I'm not coming back for season 6.

The worst of all is without question Olicity. Why the producers ever thought this was a good idea I don’t know and I gave up trying to figure that out years ago and after all the crap it caused last season I was thankful it wasn’t around this season, but it looks like I was wrong because it appears to be crawling back in. There was just so much cringe and obvious tension but it feels like we’re supposed to be rooting for this, and when they base a season around a relationship you don’t support it doesn’t work. Felicity used to be so much better and I always loved her and Oliver as friends because she was the cute tech nerd with an innocent crush on the handsome and brooding archer, but I believed when she started helping him that she got over this and was just a friend. She also symbolized to me that Oliver doesn’t have to be romantically involved with every girl he meets. Then season 3 happened and seriously when I was watching 3x01 I almost yelled “F***!” right at my tv because I just knew it was gonna go to shit and I was right. And just like with Oliver, I saw more chemistry between her and her other love interests than I ever did between her and Oliver. If Felicity isn’t having her swan song by the finale I’m just going to assume Olicity is coming back and I am probably not even gonna give season 6 a chance because I just can't tolerate any more of that crap.

Dinah Drake accepts Oliver Queen's help

I don't see this being anything more. My divided opinions about Dinah aside, Oliver just doesn't seem like her type. I also just want there to be one female Team Arrow member Oliver doesn't have to sleep with.

There have been rumors that Oliver may be with Dinah Drake but honestly I hope not. I don’t see anything between them and even though she has the name Dinah, has the actual Canary cry power and is even more comic accurate than Laurel was, that doesn’t make her a good fit for Oliver. Remember Oliver isn’t very comic accurate and the traditional Green Arrow x Black Canary only works really if both characters are as they should be. Also she is a Dinah but she’s not Laurel Lance and they can’t just forget she exists. She was the love of Oliver’s life and they screwed that up so I feel like pairing him with Dinah Drake would just be making Laurel’s character completely redundant. I also just really want there to be a female member of Team Arrow who isn’t his sister, or any female character to be honest, that Oliver doesn’t have to sleep with. I also still don’t really see her as Black Canary because to me that will always be Dinah Laurel Lance.

Oliver talks to an incarcerated Black Siren

Assuming she does reform? Maybe? Take a page from Injustice. I wouldn't be against it but it would be frustrating. 5 years, Olicity and killing Laurel then bringing in another Laurel, just to do what they should have been doing from the start.

I have wondered if Arrow will pair Oliver with Earth-2 Laurel together and I have read other posts suggesting the same and the show will take an Injustice direction with those characters. For those who have read Injustice: Year Two you’ll know what I mean. While I am still hoping E2-Laurel reforms Oliver being with E1-Laurel’s doppelganger may be a little weird. In saying that though Oliver is a serious and brooding character who lives on the dark side, so honestly why wouldn’t he drawn to someone as sassy and dark as her? I mean Oliver is basically Batman so why not make E2-Laurel a more messed up Catwoman? Also louder lol. If not then I think Oliver just shouldn’t be with anyone anymore as it doesn’t do the show any good and they’d have more room to focus their attention on other aspects of the show.