I know how crazy this wounds. Sweet loving Thea is a ruthless serial killer?

I know how crazy this sounds, Thea Queen is Prometheus? But watching last night’s episode it dawned on me. Of all the characters this season Thea has been the least active, in terms of being a vigiante at least. She has only picked up the mantle of Speedy in dire emergencies, or to face aliens. For most of the season she has been in the mayor’s office handling Oliver’s slack and trying to get Quentin back on the mend, and rejecting Rene’s romantic advances. Either way I’ve noticed a pattern of Prometheus showing up and knowing things he shouldn’t, whenever Thea is absent.

Prometheus threatens Tobias Church

How did Prometheus even know about the AmerTek deal?

In 5x01 when Thea learns that Oliver is killing again she disgustingly tells him that she is not joining the team again and that same night Prometheus shows up to murder Lt. Conahan. While I don't think Oliver killing Church's hechman started it maybe she gave this execuse as a means to keep suspicon off herself. In 5x02 when Tobias Church was dealing with AmerTek he almost killed Green Arrow and Prometheus threatened to kill Church if he tried it again. I always found this strange because the only characters who could have known about that were Oliver, Church himself, Ragman and Felicity. However Thea also knew about the AmerTek deal as she discovered AmerTek’s deal with Church in the first place, and Oliver’s attempt to stop it. 

Prometheus intercepts cable arrow

Prometheus, in this very scene, tells Oliver he has a tolerance to specific drugs. Human Target, perfectly impersonating Oliver, tells Thea in 5x05 that one can develop an immunity to drugs if taken in small doses.

In 5x05 Prometheus confronted Church again after he didn't back off from the Green Arrow and kidnapped Wild Dog which again unless Prometheus has eyes everywhere only Team Arrow knows about those two factors, but so did Thea. Also when Church told Prometheus who Green Arrow was it felt like Prometheus was already aware, again this could be explained it it was really Thea. Random thought, maybe Thea actually does like Rene despite her claiming not to and killing Church was payback for torturing him, though I kinda doubt it. Also noteworthy Oliver (well really Christopher Chance / Human Target who is perfectly impersonating Oliver at the time) tells Thea regarding her dislike for Susan Williams' that if one injects enough poison over time, then one can develop an immunity. Later in 5x10 when Oliver shoots a poison arrow at Prometheus to slow him down he simply shrugs it off and tells him that he has a tolerance. Coincidence? 

Quentin Lance

Thea has been interacting with Quentin quite a bit this season, who Prometheus also tried to frame.

In 5x06 we learned that Prometheus is aware of the List and his victims are anagrams of people on said List which means that Prometheus knows "Green Arrow" is also "The Hood/The Arrow", and thus Roy Harper's deception. Only a few people know this, even Curtis didn't figure out that Green Arrow and The Hood are the same person until Felicity pointed it out. Prometheus framed Quentin by leaving a cut on his arm and a shuriken at his house but why of all people would Prometheus frame Quentin? Then again Thea has been spending the most time with him this season trying to help him and knows of his condition, perhaps making him to perfect scapegoat. Note the timing of Prometheus implicating Quentin in 5x06 and Thea talking him into going to rehab in 5x07, Earth-2 Laurel shows up in 5x09 and 5x10, then Quentin comes back in 5x13? I think if Prometheus is Thea she probably pushed Quentin into attending rehab so he wouldn't have to deal with confronting his dead daughter's doppelganger.


What if Artemis was working with Prometheus from the very start, not just when she learned about The Hood.

In 5x07 we see that Prometheus is working with Evelyn Sharp but I wonder why of all of Team Arrow’s newest recruits, why would Prometheus manipulate her when she was showing more promise than Curtis and Rene by this point. Then again Thea in a way has known Evelyn longer than the others after the Black Canary stint she pulled last year and maybe she has been in touch with her before hand, therefore Evelyn has been in league with Prometheus from the start not just after learning about The Hood as Rene and Rory surmised.

Prometheus breaks Black Siren out of prison

Could this be why Thea was absent from LOT 2x07, because she was busy freeing Black Siren?

In The Flash 3x08 Thea helps out with the Dominators invasion and after being mind controlled and freed by Barry she, John, Ray, Sara and Oliver are abducted by the Dominators and placed into that shared dream world with the still-alive Robert, Moira and Laurel in Arrow 5x08 of the crossover. After leaving it however and being transported to the Waverider just before the main battle is going to occur in Legends of Tomorrow 2x07, Thea mysteriously vanishes. Oliver mentions to Nate "Thanks for getting my sister home" but why did Thea just up and ditch right in the middle of the conflict? Episodes usually take place a week after each other but sometimes they carry on immediatley or only take place a few days after. The next episodes 5x09 and 5x10 wihch feature Black Siren take place in the same night, and Prometheus freed her 3 days prior to the events of those episodes. What if Thea left because she went to free Black Siren from the pipeline while everyone was distracted by the Dominators?

Thea Christmas party

Thea was at the party and "needed another drink", but was then gone during Oliver's speech then Prometheus shows up.

In 5x09 at the Christmas party Thea was there and then walked away after seeing Oliver and Susan together, much to her discomfort, and then a few minutes later Prometheus shows up to hospitalize Curtis. She is also absent until Oliver confronts Prometheus where Evelyn’s true allegiance is revealed and Thea then stayed in the Arrowcave on Oliver’s insistence. Then she and he went out to find Prometheus together and when Oliver figured out where he was he told her he was going alone, giving Thea enough time to get there first and dress as Prometheus as the bodies Prometheus staged were most likely done well ahead of time.

Justin Claybourne

I don't think Clayborne is Prometheus' father, I think this is all a big misdirect and to taunt Oliver one his past actions.

Then when Oliver killed Billy my mistake she could have made her way back to the Arrowcave well before Oliver did. While this episode establishes Prometheus to be the son of Justin Clayborne, I think that is a misdirect so Oliver goes chasing the wrong person keeping heat off Prometheus while he completes his agenda. Also in the end scene just before Laurel's return the episode montaged through the other characters e.g. Diggle getting arrested, Felicity greiving over Billy, Curtis crying over Paul leaving him and Oliver and Susan making out, Thea was the only one who wasn't shown. Maybe because she was too busy telling Earth-2 Laurel to heat to the Arrowcave? 


Even if Prometheus somehow knows about time travel, there is no way he should know about the Waverider itself.

In 5x10 we learn that Prometheus is aware of Team Flash’s pipeline prison meaning he probably knows Barry Allen is The Flash. Then he freed Earth-2 Laurel to aid him which means Prometheus is aware of the existence of the Multiverse and since Earth-2 Laurel knew of the Waverider, which she presumably learned from Prometheus, he is also aware of time travel. While Prometheus could be aware of the Multiverse, perhaps from Zoom's metapocolypse last year, and maybe even time travel itself the Waverider won’t exist for another 150ish years at least so there is no way he should even know about it. Only the main Arrowverse characters know about these two major factors and one character who does in fact know of both is Thea, as she’s met characters from other worlds Earth-19 e.g. Supergirl of Earth-38 and HR Wells of Earth-19 and she’s been on the Waverider when she, Oliver, Ray, John and Sara were abducted by the Dominators and were saved by Nate. 

Black Siren talks to Green Arrow

I find it strange that Thea was absent as soon as Black Siren showed up, working with Prometheus.

While we did see Earth-2 Laurel talking to her on the phone Thea was absent while Prometheus present and the fact that 5x09 and 5x10 take place after each other, means Thea would suddenly decided to go on a conference practically the same night of Evelyn’s betrayal, Billy’s death and Diggle’s arrest. A very unique sense of timing is it not? Also Prometheus pitted Earth-2 Laurel against Team Arrow and this inspired Oliver to keep his promise to Earth-1 Laurel to find another Canary successor which led to them meeting Dinah Drake. However Prometheus hasn't been seen since. Also Prometheus somehow copied Lyla's voice to get John arrested again and while Felicity found the means to exonerate him.

Dinah Drake

I don't think Dinah is bad but I think her being recruited into the team is what Prometheus wants.

I think Prometheus somehow knew of Oliver’s promise to Laurel which only Team Arrow would have known about, Thea included, and released Earth-2 Laurel to prompt Oliver to do this. I also think that while Prometheus arranged for Diggle's arrest that he also provided Felicity the means to free him, using that "Pandora" file drive by setting up that hacker lady which is now tempting Felicity down a darker path. I think Prometheus is secretly manipulating all of these events in order to build up hope for a broken Team Arrow, only to strike when they're least expecting it. But to do this and know for sure it would go according to plan would mean Prometheus has to know almost every intimate detail of not just Oliver's life but everyones. 

Billy Malone

Aside from the Team Arrow members, only a few others know how Billy really died.

In the recent 5x14 when Thea suspected Susan may know Oliver’s secret she had Felicity expose evidence to get her fired so no one would believe her. Also the only ones who knew about the true circumstances of Billy’s death were Team Arrow, Adrian Chase and a few cops paid off for their silence. While it could be Adrian who spilled the secret, ad while I am trusting of him too mainly because I am convinced he is Vigilante, Thea also knew of what happened. She is also aware Oliver was looking for Clayborne’s ex-wife who is apparently Prometheus’ mother.

Talia al Ghul

I'm convinced that whoever Prometheus is, he and Talia al Ghul are in league. Maybe she's brainwashed Thea to get revenge on Oliver for her father's death.

Prometheus looks like a guy sure and Thea is most certainly not the tallest person in the world, in fact she’s a damn midget compared to Oliver, but she could have padded herself up to give herself the appearance of a male. Also perhaps an oversight but Thea, Prometheus, Artemis and Pandora are all Greek mythology figures. Coincidence? This is just a theory but one I’m really starting to think is true. I don’t know why Thea would be doing all of this but then again I have speculated that whoever Prometheus is he/she is working with Talia al Ghul, so maybe Talia has brainwashed Thea. Wouldn’t be the first time, or second lol. Or perhaps Thea's bloodlust problem last season hasn't actually worn off and she's been fooling them this whole time. Also keep in mind this is Arrow where members of Oliver's family either willing or unwilling usually play some antagonistic role.