A great villain no question there, but he has a few flaws to be honest.

First of all I’m not saying that Prometheus was a crappy villain because he will always be one of Arrow’s greatest villains and he honestly ranks on par with Deathstroke. I liked his story of being the embodiment of Oliver’s failures coming back to haunt him and tormenting him in so many ways physically and psychologically trying to break him, and watching Oliver slowly start to break was heartbreaking. That said there were a few things about his character that were never explained that have been bugging me and with his death in the finale we may never know now.

How does he know everything?

Adrian tempts Oliver into killing him

As smart as Adrian is I don't understand how he can know Oliver so well without practically having been right next to him the whole time.

Adrian Chase knew Oliver Queen as well as he knew himself. He knew everything about Oliver’s history, every move he’d make and how to manipulate him to such a level that he had Oliver questioning his every move. Unless Adrian was right next to Oliver this entire time then how? Was he watching him through cameras in the Arrowcave and in the mayor’s office? Did he actually know Oliver from when they were younger and was keeping tabs on him since? Was Talia keeping tabs on Oliver the entire time and he learned everything from her? Does Helix know everything through their cameras everywhere and Adrian learned about Team Arrow from them? There wasn’t really an explanation for how Adrian knew everything about the guy he was spying on for 5 years. I mean as underwhelming as Savitar was in Flash this year at least it explained how he knew everything about Barry! Even Reverse-Flash was revealed to have been watching Barry through cameras almost his whole life.

Prometheus and Black Siren

This is still confusing me. How did Adrian even know Earth-2 Laurel existed?

Adrian also somehow knew about Earth-2 Laurel and the Waverider which means he knows about the Multiverse and time travel. Adrian could have been spying on Team Flash and watched Barry’s fight with Earth-2 Laurel and hear them talking about Earth-2 last year but that means he knows who Barry is, so why not try and rope him into his anti-Oliver crusade? For a guy who can sneak into S.T.A.R. Labs undetected do you think it would be that much more of a stretch to plant meta-human dampeners and explosives all over the building? Even if there is a realistic way he could know about Earth-2 Laurel how does he know about the Waverider?


How does Adrian know the Waverider even exists?

Adrian's perspective it won’t be invested for another 140ish years. He could have studied their movements through history like Nate did but how would he even know where to look? Was he a historian before he was a lawyer? Talia also met Sara in 1958 so maybe she was keeping tabs on Sara’s time ventures in the following years? Either way Adrian’s knowledge of these things is especially bugging me and while I have listed several potential explanations, some in show confirmation would have been better. There are a few other things about his character that could have easily tied in to other plots and made him more of a complex threat that were kinda missed.

Helix find Cayden James

The timing of Prometheus' schemes and Helix's schemes were very coincidental. For one it would have made Helix more relative to the main plot.

Many of Prometheus’ schemes happened in convenience with Helix schemes. Him sending Diggle back to prison and forcing Felicity to resort to Helix to save him, then kidnapping Susan which forced Felicity to rely on them yet again to save her but only after taking down a homeland security drone and finally going missing and forcing Felicity to resort to them yet again to free Cayden James to get a “heartbeat tracking” tech (yea I didn’t believe that for a second) which turned out to be an EMP that trapped her and Oliver underground while Adrian was kidnapping William. Helix did publically expose him true but this is what allowed Adrian to set up the EMP scheme with Felicity which proves that he was expecting to be unmasked. So all of this got me thinking that Adrian was secretly in league with Helix and Felicity’s affiliation was part of a carefully organised scheme to corrupt her and manipulate her into his own schemes. This could have been why he had Billy killed because he knew it would push her over the edge.

Dinah Drake

I found the timing of Dinah's introduction equally convenient to Prometheus' agenda, and I was fairly convinced her recruited was manipulated by Prometheus.

Also I found it highly suspicious that Prometheus sent Earth-2 Laurel after Oliver then she gets locked up and Oliver is inspired to keep his promise and recruits Dinah Drake, yet Prometheus makes no effort to free Earth-2 Laurel from A.R.G.U.S. after going to so much trouble to free her from S.T.A.R. Labs. Furthermore he, as Prometheus, was gone for like 5 episodes afterward (as we didn't know yet, well for sure anyway, that Adrian was Prometheus) all while Dinah was adjusting to her new enviroment. This got me thinking that Adrian’s plan with E2-Laurel was to motivate Oliver into recruiting another Black Canary and keep his promise to Earth-1 Laurel to give him false hope only to take it away by killing her along with everybody else Oliver knows and keeping true to the “everything you touch dies” statement. I don't think Adrian planned specifically for Dinah Drake herself or for Oliver to recruit a meta-human but just someone to carry on the Black Canary name. 

Adrian about to shot himself in the head

I heard a rumor that Josh Segarra may be returning next season despite this. Maybe a flashback or he's not really dead? If it's true I really hope they explain some things.

So yea a few things about Prometheus have gone unexplained and I’m hoping that they somehow do get explained next season otherwise it will be kind of a letdown to be honest. I heard a rumor that Josh Segerra may be returning next year so maybe we’ll see a flashback showing a bit more of his backstory or maybe he isn’t dead and used a decoy? Don’t hold me to this because I don’t know if it’s true I just briefly read over something that suggested this but people do mess you. Either way Prometheus was still a compelling and threatening villain but I feel he could of have been a bit more complex to be honest.