While the cast of the next Legends season has already been decided nobody really knows how long the Arrowverse is going to go for and there is always time for cast changes so if Legends goes for several more seasons here are a list of characters I'd love to see in future seasons of Legends of Tomorrow. 

Rory Regan / Ragman


I really miss this guy. I think if Arrow doesn't have any room for him then Legends would be a good place for him.

Perhaps the best of the new recruits this year who was sadly written out after Arrow 5x12. In a way I kinda get why he was written out because a bullet/nuclear proof mystic rag-wearing vigilante is kinda too powerful for Arrow’s methods. That said I think Rory would fit in perfectly with the Legends as they face threats like this every other week, assuming his rags are ever restored that is. Rory is characterised as a “weirdo” though is really quiet and reserved though not afraid to speak his mind, so I think his character would be a nice change up to the Legends members. He and Sara have both lost loved ones to Damien Darhk’s schemes so this could give them something to bond over, and I could also see him being the quiet little brother-type to Ray and Nate. It would also be interesting seeing him and Mick trying to get along. 

Dinah Drake / Black Canary

Dinah Drake

Despite my reservations about Dinah I do see potential with her, but I think it could be better exploited in Legends.

Now I may have mixed feelings about Dinah but I don’t dislike her. I think she is a likable character and is more comic accurate but it’s hard to invest in her because of Laurel’s death. Dinah’s lack of character development hasn’t helped change my perspective nor does E2-Laurel returning, and at this point a redemption story still sounds far more appealing. But I do think Dinah has potential so I think she should be transferred to Legends so she can grow as a character in her own right. She is kind and level headed yet sassy as well so I think she’d fit in well with them. I could see her getting along with Sara and Ray quite well, her and Amaya can relate over their losses, and I could see a love/hate friendship between her and Mick since she likely arrested him and Snart at least once. If my theory about her being Sara and Laurel’s time displaced grandmother cis true that would give her and Sara some interesting material. 

Mari McCabe / Vixen

Vixen (Mari)

I kinda like Mari more than Amaya so maybe if Amaya leaves they can get Mari to substitute for her?

I’ll be honest I’m a little mixed about Amaya Jiwe in Legends. I liked how she started off in the first half of the season as a superhero who took a more professional approach to the job, but began to loosen up a little after aiding the Legends for some time. However I think her powers aren’t fully utilized as much as they could be and I don’t think her and Nate are good match. I’m a little behind on Vixen the web series but from what I’ve seen in the first season and Arrow 4x15 Mari is a very likable character. She’s sassy, independent and kind but does have a troubled past so I think it’d be good if she took Amaya’s place if she ever gets written out. Ray and Jax/Stein also know her and Sara has heard of her so she already knows some people in team. 

Connor Hawke / Green Arrow

Connor Hawke

I really liked Connor and I think he should return.

\I like the reinvention of Connor Hawke as John Diggle’s son rather than Oliver Queen’s as it demonstrates a more creative approach and adds more depth to Diggle’s importance in Arrow, so I think Connor would be a good addition to the team. If the potential future of 2046 is still intact then maybe joining the Legends to change this time could be Connor's motive for joining? Since Connor is from the future it wouldn’t be risky like it is with Amaya as they technically aren’t changing the timeline. It would also give Diggle some interesting material in the crossover if he and Connor met and it would provide some insight into Arrow’s potential futures. Green Arrow is the superhero that started the Arrowverse so having his successor on the team would be quite fitting in my opinion.

Tatsu Yamashiro / Katana

Tatsu Yamashiro in costume

I really miss her and I think she could make a reappearance.

I quite liked Tatsu and I'm saddened that she's been seemingly side-lined in favor of the crappy Suicide Squad movies but then again Captain Boomerang recently reappeared despite that and even in death Deadshot still moonlights in the series so maybe they'll change their minds about Katana too.I think she'd be a good addition as she's an outcast-type character whose lost her son and husband so maybe she could find a new place with the Legends? She is a also a very skilled swords-women who can give the League of Assassins a run for their money which would be handy to have. She has also already met Ray so she wouldn't be a complete stranger to the team.

Thea Queen / Speedy


I think it would be fun to see Thea periodically moonlight in Legends.

I love Thea’s character and I really hope Guggie’s words that she’ll never die remain true. However I feel she was vastly underutilized during the second half of season 5 which I guess with everything else going on there wasn’t really any room for Thea at that point. However I think if Guggie never wants to kill her but runs out of ideas for her or simply needs her to be gone for a while, I think they could be more creative and have her moonlight for the Legends periodically. Part of Thea’s story has been her struggle more normality when her life is anything but normal and her ability yet unwillingness to kill often leaves her conflicted as Speedy, so maybe a few weeks into history would be a good change of pace? Maybe she could go back and talk to her parents and get some proper closure from their deaths?

John Constantine

John Constantine

Ok seriously? Why hasn't this lovable bastard returned yet?

Now this last season that past has been paricuarly trippy as it not only exploded time travel but also magic with the Spear of Destiny and Constantine is a part of the Arrowverse now, which means Sara and Eobard wielded the power of God Himself, so I think they need the expert in magic if they encounter other situations like this. John’s reintroduction in Arrow season 4 was one of the highlights of an otherwise crap season and I’ve been disappointed that he hasn’t been used again since, especially given how often magic is a thing in the Arrowverse. I don’t think he’d work as a full time member as John doesn’t play well with others but as a recurring ally from time to time would be a nice thing.

Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

I think seeing Jonah in futuristic times would be fun.

This is something I’ve been wanting for a while. I really like Jonah and I think the idea of him staying around full time with the Legends would be awesome. He is a hardened bounty hunter and something of an outcast himself and he knows the Legends already so I think he'd fit right in. The idea of him visiting futuristic times when the biggest technological achievement of the 1800s is the locomotive would be fun to watch. Not sure what they'd do about his facial disfiguement but they could simply use some concealent technology until he returns to the past.