I think Prometheus' manipulations run deeper than we realize.

I’ve written a similar post but I felt the need to re-upload it especially after some new information that came to light in this newest episode. I don’t trust Helix and think there is a connection to Prometheus and Talia al Ghul and after this latest episode, and knowing how often they tie flashbacks to present day, I think I just figured it out. I think they’re using Helix as a front to manipulate Felicity into setting up Star City’s destruction using the bio-weapon Konstantin Kovar attempted to use in his casino. Prometheus is a master of manipulation so I think he killed Billy to make Felicity vengeful towards him and willing to do anything to take him down, precisely so she would seek out Helix to achieve this. That is also why I think Prometheus put Diggle back in prison; to set up Felicity’s meeting with Helix as her search for the information on Genera Walker led to her meeting them and obtaining Pandora. Now that she’s had a taste of Helix capabilities she’s thrown herself into the deep end which is what I think Prometheus is counting on.

Talia al Ghul

If Talia wants Oliver to suffer than what better way than to finish her father's work, and destroy Star City with a bio-weapon.

Note how difficult it was for Felicity to locate Susan and eventually had to resort to helping Helix but only after disabling a homeland security drone for “need to know” reasons, and the rescue itself felt way too easy. Then Oliver went missing and Felicity and Curtis couldn’t find him for 6 days until Adrian let him go, even when Felicity went to Helix for help. I think Prometheus kidnapped Susan not just to torment Oliver but to also force Felicity to disable the drone so Talia and her makeshift League of Assassins can sneak the bio-weapon past several boarders and bring it to Star City. So from this point on I think Prometheus will keep throwing several more obstacles towards the team to torment Oliver for Felicity to solve, but will unknowingly be paving the way for Talia to complete what her father started by unleashing a bio-weapon upon Star City so Prometheus can force Oliver to watch his city, everyone he loves and everything he ever fought for die.

Felicity Smoak

I think Felicity is being used and is too short sighted to see it.

Wouldn’t it be poetic if in Felicity’s attempts to prevent another Havenrock and going to more extreme measures to do so only fuels the destruction of her own town? While other villains have demonstrated far simpler ways to destroy Star City, and failed, Prometheus’ agenda is about destroying Oliver entirely which probably includes his friends to demonstrate how corrupting he is to those he comes into contact with. Of course if I’m right and Prometheus and Talia needed Felicity to make all of this happen that means she the only other person on Earth that can fix it, and what do you think Prometheus and Talia do with loose ends? Ok maybe the last part is a pipedream but I can still hope. I know this sounds a bit complex but Prometheus killed Billy to manipulate Oliver into discredit himself as Green Arrow and torment him and I’m like 95% convinced that he used Black Siren to manipulate Oliver into finding a Black Canary successor, so this doesn’t sound too farfetched especially if Prometheus has been studying them all obsessively to know exactly what they’d do.