I still have yet to be impressed with him as a villain, and I don't think I will be at this stage.

Now that we're at 3x22 and the big question if Iris will die or not has been answered. First of all I was completely expecting her to die because since Laurel died I don't consider anybody in the Arrowverse safe except for Oliver and Barry, so unless they surprise us next week, RIP Iris. Second I'm still not that impressed with Savitar and I never have been and despite having just killed a major character I'm still at odds with his general character, his motives and I still don't find him that threatening.  In fact I only started showing the slightest bit of interested when I read the theories that he was future Barry, before that it didn't occur to me because I was so utterly uninterested in his character. But even despite this twist I'm still not that keen for several reasons. Before we begin, all of this is forgetting the fact that he looks so f***ing stupid and I think the Flash writers have re-watched Michael Bay's Transformers movies a few too many times lol.

His story is just straighted up f***ed up

Savitar prepares to kill Iris

How does this ensure his existence? Shouldn't his fate be disconnected from Barry's since he's a time remnant of a deleted future timeline? Yea I've given up trying to figure it out.

Savitar’s story is confusing as f*** and I really don’t understand it. He’s a time remnant of future Barry who was created to stop Savitar only to be shunned and went back in time to become Savitar, yet needs to kill the woman he loves to push Barry over the edge to create him? Who says Barry is going to create the time remnant that becomes Savitar despite Iris’ death? Also hasn’t Savitar’s very presence already altered the events of Barry’s life? Shouldn’t he be disconnected to Barry’s fate now and is basically the same as Eobard Thawne was this year which means shouldn’t the Black Flash is after him too? Also I like Iris but making her death the entire driving force of the season really not the best move. Anyone reading please doesn’t try to explain it to me because I really don’t care at this point to be honest, I’m just trying to point out how ridiculously confusing Savitar is and frankly the sooner the season finishes so he can be gone the better. I’m just praying that next season doesn’t use another f***ing speedster as the villain. Also how the hell is anyone even able to so much as look at Barry after literally seeing what Barry could become?


Alchemy and Magenta

I really wished they would have just stuck with Doctor Alchemy, rather than use yet another evil speedster for the third time in a row.

Speaking of which the very fact that Savitar is the main villain of the third season in a row where the main villain has been a speedster for the previous two seasons never sat well with me even from day one. I was skeptical about Zoom last year but I quickly got over this when he demonstrated that he was clearly a much more dangerous threat than Reverse-Flash was. Then Barry focused all his effort on getting fast enough to stop him and succeeded and it should have stayed that way, let the “I am the fastest man alive” line in the opening credits be true for a change and use a non-speedster villain to challenge him in other ways. When Doctor Alchemy was introduced I was glad to see that the main villain wasn’t another speedster and I thought they had a good thing going with Alchemy.

Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra, Thinker or Cobalt Blue? There are a number of non-speedster villains they could use, rather than just recycle the same s*** over and over again.

Honestly the first thing I said when Savitar appeared in 3x06 was “oh f*** another speedster? really?” I'm not a big comic reader to be honest so I didn't see him as Savitar the God of Speed from the comics, I just saw this Megatron-wanabe Zoom 2.0 copycat. I later looked up more about Savitar's character and I understand that with a character like that, clearly he was going to be used at some point. But for the third season when the previous two seasons have been dominated by speedster main cillains? Honestly Savitar should have been saved for this show’s final season as he seems to be the fastest of all the Flash villains and they should have used non-speedster villains until then. Alchemy would have been good if they just stuck with him. Abra Kadabra, Thinker, Shade (forgetting the embarrassingly crappy version in 3x06) and Cobalt Blue are also good choices. See I just pitched 5 whole seasons which would put as at season 8, if we’re lucky, so that would have been a good time or close enough to use Savitar. Oh well.

Not as compelling as Reverse-Flash or as threatening as Zoom


Quite frankly there probably won't be a villain nearly as compelling as Reverse-Flash, but they could at least try to live up to this expectation.

People say Hunter Zolomon’s character didn’t work because it was Eobard Thawne all over again but I disagree. As "Wells", Eobard portrayed himself as a driven scientist and a compassionate yet emotionally damaged person, having lost the love of his life and indirectly ending over a dozen lives in scientific pursuit and sought to redeem himself by helping Barry. He also became something of a surrogate father-figure to Barry. Of course we later learned that he was really a murdering sociopath who ruined Barry’s life for things he hadn’t even done yet, and was using Barry to achieve his own agenda regardless of how many died, though I still think the fondness he developed for Barry was genuine. As "Jay", Hunter portrayed himself as a courageous individual who put his life on the line for others as the Flash on Earth-2 and was essentially an older and more experienced Barry. Hunter wasn’t exactly a father-figure but more just a friend who Barry could relate to and who Caitlin fell in love with which helped her move on from Ronnie’s death. Of course we later learned he was a murderous bastard a thousand times worse than Eobard ever was. Maybe Hunter wasn’t as complex as Eobard but being a thousand times more terrifying than Eobard, and a thousand times more deranged and crazier more than made up for it. Hunter was also portrayed as a possible version of what Barry could have been. Everyone thought Barry's mother was killed by his father while he was left trumatized but had Joe and Iris but Hunter's mother really was murdered by his father and he grew up with nobody, so doesn't Savitar feel like they just took this very conceot and recycled it?


Maybe not as complex as Reverse-Flash sure, but I think Zoom more than made up for it by just being downright scary. He's also done a shitload more terrible things than Reverse-Flash and Savitar have combined.

Zoom forced Barry to face numerous evil Earth-2 versions of his friends including Caitlin, Cisco, Ronnie, Linda and Laurel (yea he even brought a bit of Arrow into it), broke his freaking back and displayed him to everyone in the city, mislead them into thinking he was a superhero, took Barry's powers and left him helpless, generally slaughtered hundreds of people, invaded Central City with an entire army of meta-humans, killed Barry’s father and tried to blow up the Multiverse itself. So yea Zoom did more than a few terrible things. Zoom’s actions have left impacts not just on The Flash but the whole Arrowverse. Zoom was the indirect cause of Flashpoint when he killed Henry as it drove Barry over the edge to create Flashpoint, which also indirectly caused Eobard to be revived as a time remnant who became the villain of Legends this year who ironically Zoom later killed. He traumatized Caitlin by kidnapping her which led to her meeting Earth-2 Caitlin, which in turn led to her becoming Killer Frost after she developed powers. He is also to blame for Team Arrow’s messed up situation with Earth-2 Laurel at the moment which will likely have fallout with Sara next season. Meanwhile Savitar beat up Barry and left all bones intact, killed The Rival and Iris and that's really it, well as much as I can remember. Now shocking as the latter is, in comparison to Zoom he really hasn’t been that impactful.

Sorry but to me Savitar has failed as a villain. He works good as a concept being a evil version of Barry but the execution of this story has left much to be desired.