Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset

I will never support this but I have accepted it.

First of all I need to make myself very clear. I AM NOT AN OLICITY SHIPPER! Anyone who has read my previous posts will no doubt be aware. That said with the latest episode and the numerous reviews I’ve been reading and comments and replies I’ve been leaving on posts all day I have realized something I have been in denial about for almost 4 years now. I do not agree with it, I never did and I never will but I have come to accept it and I am going to feel sick just writing this but, wait for it... OLICITY IS ENDGAME! That’s right I said it! I’ve accepted that Oliver and Felicity are Arrow’s Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore. They are what this show has been working towards all these years and they are how this show will end!

Oliver and Laurel kiss

I still believe this is how things should have ended up.

I was so sure Oliver and Laurel would be together that I failed to see it. I failed to see how they’ve spent the entire series building this up with the first meeting in season 1, the hints in season 2, the struggles to make it happen in season 3 and it happening in season 4 and now in season 5 they’re making amends for their past mistakes and are ready to start again. I failed to see that they’ve written Felicity as the true love of Oliver’s life I hate myself for admitting this but it’s time I started facing facts and stop dreaming for things that aren’t going to change. That said I don’t have to stick around and subject myself to the torture of a disastrous romance story that's even worse than Twilight so this season of Arrow will be my last and frankly I’m relieved.

Black Siren talks to Green Arrow

I no longer believe she will reform, not because it isn't possible I still think it is, but because they've cemented Olicity and Laurel-2 will most likely just be there to torment them.

I have been writing theories and ideas about these shows and while I thank those who have commented on them with such praise and support I think it’s time I realized they’ll probably never come true. Among these was the idea that Earth-2 Laurel could reform to make up for the failure with Earth-1 Laurel. But now 1 year later I’ve realize the truth: Earth-1 Laurel was killed off because they wanted to cement Olicity. This is the real reason Dinah Drake was introduced because the producers know they can’t have Green Arrow without Black Canary yet they are so set on Olicity, they brought in another one that isn’t romantically involved with Oliver and doesn’t have the same Laurvier deadweight holding them back. This means Earth-2 Laurel will likely be little more than a means to treat the Laurel character as an antagonist to the Olicity story as the producers have likely always seen her. Yes Xandermcc you can say it you were right and I was wrong. Black Siren won't reform. 

DC Comics Arrow Card S1

I do attribute Arrow with enlightening me to more of DC Comics itself beyond just Batman.

I would like to say this show has been an amazing journey and I attribute it to the love I have for DC Comics now. I watched the Dark Knight movies but outside of that and a few Batman cartoons I wasn’t really into anything else. Arrowverse is what really opened my eyes to it and Arrow was the step in it. When I first started watching this 5 years ago I was so excited and I was so taken away by it that I let myself believe it could only get better but I was wrong. Arrow soon became victim to the influence of Twitter and Tumblr and it became corrupted and twisted until almost unrecognisable and it should have ended years ago. Quoting one of the best DC films ever made of which this show constantly steals from: “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

The heroes take on the Dominators in a final showdown

These episodes are the only episodes of Arrow I intend to watch once Season 5 finishes.

I will continue watching till the end of this season to see the result of the Prometheus struggle and I will continue to watch the other Arrowverse shows, which will include the Arrow crossover episodes. As a series itself however I will not be partaking in season 6. The sole reason I continued watching the series this year was because I needed to see how the flashbacks ended but now they’re coming to a close, so I’ve run out of reasons to keep watching. The only thing that will change my mind at this point is if the producers surprise us and actually kill Felicity but I don't see that happening. I have generally found this season much more enjoyable than last and I’d like to end it like that, rather than keep watching and keep getting let down. My advice to you all is to do the same thing and let Arrow die.

On the off chance he is reading this I would like to say this will full confidence and conviction. Marc Guggienheim! “YOU HAVE FAILED THIS SERIES!”