The Flash (Wally West)

Kid Flash is quite a ladies, well, kid I guess, in the comics.

With Wally West now Kid Flash I’m curious to see if he and Linda Park have a relationship as per the comics. Though they might not since Wally and Jesse have a thing going, albiet a long-distance one, but the series usually stays faithful to the comics, most of the time at least. But Kid Flash is also known for having various love interests besides Linda in the comics/cartoons, and half of them are supervillains including Artemis and Magenta, as well as Jinx from Teen Titans. To pay tribute to this without actually deviating away from source material, Wally should at some point have a relationship with Earth-2 Linda / Dr. Light.

Linda Park in the Pipeline

Having Dr. Light be Kid Flash's love interest plays tribute to the various villainesses Kid Flash's been with, while faithful to source materiel as is a Linda Park.

Having Kid Flash paried with Dr. Light would be keeping faithful to source matieral as she is technically a Linda Park regardless of Earth, and her status as a supervillain would reference Wally recuring habit of daing bad girls and reforming them, well most of the time at least. Also Linda-2 is based off Kimiyo Hoshi / Dr. Light from the comics who is a superhero, while Arthur Light / Dr. Light is her villainous counterpart. This could also be a way to tribute both Doctor Lights. It’s triple win! True Linda-2 tried to kill Linda-1 and killed her boss but she doesn’t seem to be inherently evil, just paranoid and desperate to escape Zoom. With him out of the picture maybe she could return to Central City, encounter Kid Flash, and circumstances lead to them developing a secret romance and her finding redemption. After all how many people did Captain Cold and Heat Wave kill before finding redemption with the Legends? 

Linda Park and Linda Park

Malese Jow was in Vampire Diaries, and if this story happened she'd now be the one with a Elena/Katherine story.

Linda-2's romance with Wally also be more potential drama for the West family as Iris is a friend of Linda-1's and if her brother was having a relationship with her Earth-2 counterpart, that might cause some tensions between the sibilings over his choice in women. This would also be an interesting story for Linda-2, seeing her abandon a life of theivery and trying to find a place among the good guys when no one wants her around, just tolerating her for Wally's sake. I think Linda-2 is mainly a thief because she lived a very different life, one without Barry or Iris involved and did what she had to survive. Maybe meeting Wally could convince her she doesn't need to steal to survive, and she begins using her powers for good. It would also be interesting if Linda-1 did come back and had to interact with a more paranoid version of herself. Ironic as Malese Jow was in Vampire Diaries and then she'd be the one with a Elena/Katherine storyline.

Just a theory but I think if they did this it would be faithful to all aspects of Wally’s character and his crazy love life with supervillains without technically breaking material.