Wally West

I can't wait for Wally to be Kid Flash!

Before I start I know The Flash tv series is different from the comics in some aspects. A prime example is Wally West and Hunter Zolomon who are usually archenemies in the comics whereas Wally only talked to Hunter maybe once or twice in the show as he is Barry's primary enemy in the second season. Though I should not Hunter is kinda responsible for starting Wally’s path to heroism so that kinda counts as acknowledgement at least. Another aspect about Wally’s character in the comics is that his main love interest is Linda Park whereas in the series he and Jesse Quick seem to have a thing going. Then again if anything does happen between them it might not last, again I don’t know, but it would be cute if they did have a thing. However if they do go the comics way with Wally and Linda I have an idea of how they could twist it up: Rather have it be Earth-1 Linda that Wally falls for it should be Earth-2 Linda / Dr. Light that Wally falls for.

Kid Flash and Jinx

Kid Flash and Jinx had a thing in the Teen Titans series. I think since Wally is going to be Kid Flash next season and we have a Linda Park who is a metahuman supervillain, they could pull off something similar.

This is inspired from a storyline in the Teen Titans cartoon tv series where recurring villainess Jinx, one of the Titans more formidable foes who almost killed Robin once, caught the eye of Kid Flash (Wally). Kid Flash then tried to convince her that she was capable of being more than a thief which she immediately denied, and even tried to kill him, and almost succeeded. She also captured him and handed him over to Madame Rouge of the Brotherhood of Evil, who were trying to destroy the Titans. Kid Flash tried to warn her that Rouge would betray her and as expected, she was so Jinx listened to Kid Flash and got revenge on Rouge by foiling her plans and let Kid Flash escape. She was also frequently given flowers by Kid Flash as a sign of his affection. When she returned later near the finale she was with Kid Flash, having chosen him over her life of thievery and even aided in the Titans final battle against the Brotherhood. 

Linda Park in the Pipeline

If they did go comic with Linda and Wally, who says it would have to be Earth-1 Linda?

I think they could do something similar with Wally and E2-Linda and here's roughly how I'd do it: When Wally becomes Kid Flash, Dr. Light returns to her routes but encounters Kid Flash. However Wally finds himself attracted to her, and after a few encounters Wally tries to convince her she can be more than a thief. However Linda isn't returning of the affection and more oftne uses Wally's feelings against him to benief her own scores. Over time however Linda starts to develop feelings for Wally and though it would take some time, she'd eventually listen to Wally and chooses him over her life of thievery. However she would still find it hard trying to he a hero given her paranoid nature. 

Linda Park and Linda Park

I think it's hallarious how Malese Jow was in Vampire Dairies, and now she has an Elena/Katherine thing.

However she is disliked by most members of Team Flash as she did try to kill her doppelganger and killed her boss. Wally being with E2-Linda would also lead to tensions between Wally and Iris as E1-Linda is a friend of hers but knowing Iris she would still try her best to be supportive of Wally’s choices, but would caution against them as well. Barry would be a little bit more sceptical because he dated E1-Linda and Wally is now with the woman who tried to kill her. He’d also be sceptical that E2-Linda is using him given how paranoid he’s becoming after being used by Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon. It would also be hilarious if E1-Linda also returned and had to interact with E2-Linda and give us a kind of Elena/Katherine relationship. Ironic as Malese Jow was in Vampire Dairies and now she’s the one with a doppelganger who tried to kill her. 

I also should note that the comic villain Doctor Light is actually a male named Arthur Light but there is another Doctor Light who is actually a superhero named Kimiyo Hoshi who Earth-2 Linda seems to be based on. To distinguish between Linda and Dr. Light I think E2-Linda should rename herself Kimiyo Hoshi, and maybe pass herself off as a distant relative of Linda to avoid confusion.

This is just an idea, again Wally and Linda’s characters might not even interact in this show since Wally and Jesse seem to have a thing but again if they do go comic, this is just how I think they should do it.