Prometheus meets with Artemis

I think Prometheus has manipulated events far deeper than we realize!

Be warned! There is a few spoilers from last night's episode. While I am still kinda two minds about Dinah Drake, as I still miss Laurel, I am starting to warm up to her. That said I can't help but wonder if her meeting Oliver wasn’t by chance, nor was Felicity obtaining the Pandora file. We’ve seen that Prometheus has manipulated Oliver a few times now, first when he tricked him into killing Billy and, then forcing Oliver to make himself as Green Arrow public enemy number one by revealing the cover up on Billy's death to the public. He also manipulated and turned Evelyn against him, faked Lyla's voice to get Diggle arrested and used Earth-2 Laurel to mess him him emotionally so I can only assume he's got more dirty tricks up his sleeves. I think Dinah and Felicity are two victims of his manipulations for these reasons: 

Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

Laurel made Oliver promise to find someone to succeed her. However he didn't do this until Earth-2 Laurel showed up, released by Prometheus.

Oliver promised Laurel he'd find a successor to the Canary mantle before she died, then Prometheus released Earth-2 Laurel from the pipeline and encountering her motivated Oliver to keep his promise, and then he met Dinah. I do not think this was by chance. I think Prometheus sent Black Siren after Oliver because he knew Oliver encountering an evil version of the woman he loved, would motivate him into finding a Canary successor. I also think Prometheus manipulated Felicity into obtaining the Pandora file from the hacker group Helix. We now know that Prometheus is Adrian Chase and yet he was the one that made sure Diggle was sent back to prison, only to get him back out as a free man?

Felicity Smoak

Felicity got Diggle out of prison with the Pandora file, which she never would have found if Prometheus put him in jail, and who just so happened to get him out of jail.

Then again Adrian couldn’t have done that without Felicity using the Pandora file which Felicity could only have obtained if she had met that Helix hacker group girl. I think Prometheus made sure Diggle got sent back to prison precisely so Felicity could obtain Pandora from her, or Prometheus is connected to Helix and had it all along and wanted Felicity to obtain possession of it to send her down a darker path. After all Adrian seems to know everything about Oliver and the fact that he knew about Earth-2 Laurel and the Waverider, indicates he knows about the Multiverse and time travel, which also indicates his also kept tabs not just on Oliver but on Barry and Sara too. So it wouldn't surprise me if he knows everything about the individual Team Arrow members. I personally think he may also be in league with Talia al Ghul as she is League of Assassins and they seem to know everything, and she apparently trained Adrian as speculated by Oliver.

Dinah Drake

I don't think Dinah is bad but I think her being recruited into the team is what Prometheus wants.

Prometheus is trying to prove that Oliver is poison to everyone he encounters, so I think he’s building up the team’s hopes only to tear it away. I think he’s planning on killing Dinah and to use Pandora to start some kind of uprising in Star City so he can prove his point. After all if Oliver hadn’t been “The Hood” then Adrian never would have become “Prometheus” to avenge his father, and everyone that’s joined him since wouldn’t have and they wouldn’t have been put in danger or get killed like Laurel was. I am hoping I’m wrong about this as I do really like Dinah, but her appearance as a result of Oliver encountering Earth-2 Laurel, and Prometheus subsequent 5 week absence, made me a bit suspicious. I also am still hoping Earth-2 Laurel does reform later on. However I still think there is something more going on with Dinah simply because of her name, because Dinah Drake is traditionally Laurel Lance’s mother, and she is quite like her. 


Vigilante recognized Dinah yet he shouldn't even know she exists. Could Prometheus be moonlighting as Vigilante too?

While Prometheus and Vigilante are two seperate characters with conflicting agendas, did anyone notice that Vigilante seemed to recognise Dinah? He looked right at her and zoomed in on her almost like he was confirming who she was, then used a cable to restrain her rather than just pull a gun on her. Dinah became a meta-human in 2013 and was traveling the country looking for her boyfriend's killer until early 2017, so she and Vigilante shouldn't know each other. Also Adrian Chase is traditionally Vigilante whereas in the series he is now Prometheus and yet they still haven't revealed who Vigilante is, though they clearly are seperate characters. Is it possible that Prometheus could be moonlighting as Vigilante while there is an actual Vigilante running around? It would be further proof of my earlier point with Dinah's presence being a result of Prometheus manipulations and the Vigilante we saw attacking Oliver's limo, could have been Prometheus who then saw Dinah and didn't kill her because he has a plan for her later. Of course the Vigilante we saw fighting Prometheus and later Spartan, Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific would be the actual guy. 

Adrian Chase

Could Adrian Chase have been with Laurel Lance? Could avenging her be part of his agenda?

I recently suspected in another post, going back and watching old, episodes that Adrian may have been with Laurel as he mentions in 5x03 that he and Oliver met 12 years ago when he successfully picked up his girlfriend. This would have been around 2004 and Oliver and Laurel had been dating for sometime by 2005. While he is speculated to be Justin Clayborne's son trying to avenge the death of his father, which I'm still not sure I believe, maybe that's not his only motivation. Maybe he believes Oliver is to blame for Laurel's death because she wouldn't have become Black Canary. Also noteworthy, “Prometheus”, “Artemis” and “Pandora” are Greek mythology figures, coincidence? I’m not sure how it really works yet but Dinah Drake’s appearance and Felicity obtaining Pandora seem very coincidentally timed. Hell for all we know he could have set up the nuke in Afghanistan to get Diggle framed and chosen to attack Curtis knowing Paul would leave him, and Evelyn could have been working with him the whole time!