Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

Is she really dead?

We all saw Laurel die in "Eleven Fifty-Nine" and we saw her corpse in the morgue in "Canary Cry" and they buried her in the same episode so yea it's pretty much confirmed that Laurel is dead, the producers have also said so. If it's Katie Cassidy (Laurel's actress) wanting to leave Arrow then that's fair, can't say I blame her for how shitty it's gotten, but she appeared on The Flash the other night as Earth-2 Laurel (who didn't die so they're obviously saving her for another episode as well)  and she'll be voicing her character in the next Vixen when it's released. For someone who seems to be leaving Katie Cassidy seems to be lingering around. Now the death scene was pretty convincing but one thing to me still isn't adding up and I'm not entirely sure she's really gone. Has it occurred to anyone that Oliver faked Laurel's death?

Tommy Merlyn

Oliver was fucking devastated when Tommy died, yet didn't seem to be as upset about Laurel?

Laurel needed to tell Oliver something but we didn't get to hear it then seconds later she's seizing and dies just minutes after she was stablized and the only other person in the room is someone who knows how to fake a person's death and is a master of lying and deception. Remember the trick Yao-Fei did to him which Oliver himself did to a shitbag who betrayed the Bratva in Season 1?. When Tommy died Oliver was broken and in tears so much he retreated back to Lian Yu and, as we recently saw in a flashback, couldn't even present a eulogy at his funeral. Yet, and I noticed this first time I watched it, Oliver was shocked and lost yet he wasn't destroyed like he was with Tommy and this is Laurel, the love of his life (yea that's Olicity freaks), he should have been a crippling mess. Also unlike Tommy's funeral this time Oliver was able to present a eulogy. Also lets not forget that when Oliver's mother died he couldn't even show up at all.

Black Siren

Seems Katie isn't going anywhere for the time being.

Also anyone remember when he went undercover in the League of Assassins and lied to everyone Diggle, Felicity, Laurel and even Thea and convinced everyone he'd turned evil. Then the next episode we saw it was a ruse and he was secretly working with Malcolm the entire time to take down Ra's al Ghul from inside the league. He managed to deceive everyone he loved and they all hated him for it but it worked, Ra's was killed and the city was saved. Quentin is on Damien Darhk's shit list hence why he killed Laurel to get back at him for betraying him so if Laurel survived Darhk would probably go back after him. Maybe Laurel faked her death to keep her father safe and maybe Oliver did something to Laurel to make her appear to die and perhaps sneaked her out of the city. Yes we saw her corpse in the morgue but maybe Laurel was still alive but forcibly comatose or it was a fake body?
White Canary

Sara knows Rip Hunter and, maybe?, knows The Flash. Will she really let Laurel be dead when she knows two time travelers?

Furthermore Sara is going to learn about Laurel's death in tonight's Legends of Tomorrow and Sara is a trained assassin and master of deception like Oliver and knows a time traveler. Has it occurred to anyone that perhaps Sara has already returned to Star City after her initial return in Legends tonight  but further back in time precisely to fake Laurel's death, thereby preventing it from happening for real? Maybe Sara and Oliver are in league with it.

I'm probably holding out false hope for Laurel's return and I'm like 80% convinced she's dead but the secret she had to tell Oliver is the one thing keeping me skeptical. What could be so important that only Oliver could know that we as an audience already know. Of course true reason for my disbelief is that she's Black Canary and there is no Green Arrow without Black Canary so unless the writers are stupid, they could be fooling us all. I guess we won't know until next season but I'm not sure she's gone. If Laurel is alive and returns I will say this, they need to have a Black Canary vs. Black Siren fight.