Eobard works with Felicity

Eobard's great-great-great grandmother perhaps?

We know that Eddie Thawne was Eobard Thawne's ancestor and without him Eobard cannot exist which is what lead to his deserved fate in "Fast Enough". But what bugs me is that if part of Eobard's plan meant ensuring Eddie's life to maintain his own existence, who was Eddie meant to be with in order to start the bloodline of Thawnes that would eventually lead to Eobard himself? You'd think the great-great-great grandmother would be just as important as the great-great-great grandfather. I think that Eddie was actually meant to be with Felicity Smoak.

Felicity Smoak

Felicity Thawne?

I always felt a strange vibe from Eobard/"Wells" when he interacted with Felicity during season 1 and upon meeting her he already seemed quite familiar with her, knowing a lot about her education and achievements before she met him. Eobard even said "I foresaw great things from you". Just a thought I had which I could be wrong with. I once speculated that Felicity's father was Rip Hunter. Anyway tell me what you guys think? Felicity Thawne or are we simply not meant to know who Eobard's other 21st century ancestor was/is.