It has been established that Harry is indeed the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 and not the man who masqueraded as the Earth-1 Harrison Wells, Eobard Thawne. However there are some aspects of Harry’s character which aren’t adding up and I’ve become convinced that Harry actually is Eobard, yet again, and here’s a list of reasons why:

Speed cannon

This thing only works for Speedsters!

1. When Harry arrived on Earth-1 he came through the Speed Cannon through the Earth-1 S.T.A.R. Labs from its Earth-2 counterpart. As we’ve seen it takes a speedster to use the Speed Cannon, or the other now closed breaches, and normal people require a speedster to transport them between these breaches.

2. Harry loves Big Belly Burger just like Eobard.

3. Harry has very in-depth knowledge of the Speed Force despite not being a speedster including how to preserves one’s existence from timeline alterations, how to harness the Speed Force from a person’s body and how to manipulate the Speed Force almost as much as Eobard himself did.

Time Vault
Time Vault (Earth Two)
4. Eobard designed the Time Vault on Earth-1 to keep himself updated on future knowledge through Gideon and to store his Reverse-Flash suits and other secret technologies he didn't want anyone else finding. The way the room is designed appears very futuristic and advanced which makes sense as Eobard is from the 22nd century, and is only accessable through hand print. On Earth-2 Harry also has a Time Vault which is more of a supply room but also requires hand print access and is identical to the Earth-1 version, which seems to made from futuristic technology. If Harry is from the present day of Earth-2 then how did he develop the Time Vault the exact same way Eobard did if he's not from the future? 

5. When Harry was posing as Eobard to get Grodd to release Caitlin he said “I have bigger plans for you” something which Eobard himself said to a baby Grodd in Season 1, something Harry shouldn’t be aware of. His imitation was also convincing enough to fool Grodd. And when Barry asked Cisco if he could figure out how to fit the Reverse-Flash suit back in Eobard’s ring and Harry said he a few things about micro technology.

6. When Cisco's nose was bleeding due to him slowly fading out of existence because of Eobard’s capture Harry looked at him suspiciously and didn’t bother to ask if he was alright, as if he already knew what was occurring and just let it play out.

7. When Harry was reading up about Earth-1 Wells/Eobard he seemed to be reading it very fast, as his eyes looked as though they were travelling across the screen very quickly, information which includes Eobard’s accelerator going off, killing Nora and framing Henry for the crime and his subsequent confession. If Harry is Eobard this would explain why he confessed to Nora's murder as it keeps the timeline of his other self intact. 

8. Despite showing a keen dislike of Cisco, repeatedly referring to him by surname, Harry has occasionally smiled suspiciously at his jokes such as after his failed attempt to vibe him. Again when Harry impersonated his Earth-1 counterpart and Cisco was horrified when Cisco turned his back, Harry smiled at him.

Jesse Wells

Jesse Thawne perhaps?

9. Jesse Wells, Jesse Quick, is insanely smart for someone her age, for her whole generation, with 5 masters at college and graduated High School at age 15 and even manged to hotwire the Time Vault door which is 22nd technology. But if her father is really Eobard Thawne, one of the smartest characters in all DC, this would explain her astounding ability to solve puzles so quickly and retain all that information including a Bio-Chemistry Masters which on its own is no small feat, forgetting that she has five. Also Jesse Quick's father in the comics is Johnny Quick whose Earth-3 counterpart in the comics is an evil speedster.

Noteworthy possibilities:

In Season 1’s “Flash vs. Arrow” when Eobard was talking to Oliver he told him he once spoke to his father at a charity event and one of their discussed subjects was Oliver, and how proud Robert would be of him now. In Season 2’s “Enter Zoom” before Harry learns from a news report of Jesse’s abduction the reporter reveals that Earth-2 Robert is Green Arrow and that Earth-2 Oliver died on Lian Yu instead, something which doesn’t seem to faze him that much. While it’s true there is a 7 year gap between 2000 and 2007 for Eobard and Earth-1 Robert meet these conversations make me think that Eobard was referring to Earth-2 Robert rather than Earth-1 Robert, and meant Robert would be proud of Oliver if Oliver were alive. 

Harry despised Jay Garrick (before learning he was Hunter Zolomon) who was the Flash on Earth-2 and recognized his helmet in the Season 1 finale years later (to him). This may be because Eobard resents him for also being the Flash just like Barry. 

How and why Harry is really Eobard I don’t know but after after binge watching the past season I've spotted all these points I am convinced that Harry is actually Eobard. Why he has a daughter I have no idea nor do I know why he is aiding the team when he’s had ample opportunity to kill Barry or take his speed but many aspects of Harry’s character are lining up with Eobard’s. Tell me what you guys think.