Justin Claybourne

Could Claybourne of had more than one child?

So it’s pretty obvious Evelyn is pro-Team Prometheus apparently because she sees Green Arrow as a false hero and serial killer. But I couldn’t figure out how she thinks working with an actual serial killer helps her get revenge, so I think Evelyn has been working with Prometheus from the start. But why would Prometheus work with a 17 year old teenager? However it’s recently occurred to me that Evelyn could actually be Prometheus’ half-sister. Justin Claybourne had his child, Prometheus, with his mistress Amanda Westfield while still married to another woman so he was obviously an unfaithful douche, but what if he had more than one mistress?


Artemis being related to Prometheus makes more sense than her wanting Oliver dead because he's a "serial killer".

While it was confirmed that Evelyn did have parents who were killed when Malcolm destroyed the facility Damien Darhk held them in, could they have been foster parents? Or maybe Evelyn’s mother was her true mother and her father was her step-father but she still maintained a close relationship with her real father. Evelyn did also mention that she knew some of the names on the List and given that most of them were connected to Malcolm, makes you wonder what kind of background Evelyn grew up in. While Evelyn obviously isn’t Green Arrow level skilled in combat she does seem to be able to hold her own and seems to be quite proficient in archery. What if Talia trained her also? Maybe Prometheus sent her in to give Oliver false hope for his recruits plan?

Adrian holding Evelyn

Adrian/Simon is basically evil Oliver, so why not have Evelyn be evil Thea?

If she is Adrian’s sister it also explains why she was absent for 7 weeks and why Adrian didn’t simply snap her neck because, as deranged as he is, if he has anything of a conscience left I don’t think he’d want to risk his little sister’s life. I’m also still convinced that somehow Prometheus and Vigilante are the same person in different masks and if so it would explain why Vigilante would take Curtis hostage over Evelyn, espeically when Evelyn is like 5 ft and would be much easier to take hostage. Later that same episode she reported to Prometheus “they don’t suspect a thing”. If they want to make Prometheus a true opposite to Green Arrow then why not give him his own Reverse-Speedy? Even further in the scales of reversing they could have been unaware of each other’s existence until Prometheus learned of her, possibly from her brief stint as Black Canary, and approached her about his plan to avenge their father.

The Artemis plot of this season has been confusing so this is the only explanation I can come up with which I think actually makes things a lot more clear. It also makes sense since the Young Justice version of Artemis, who Evelyn seems to be partially based on, is from a family of criminals so this could be their own play on it. If so I’m curious to see if Evelyn will comes to her senses or if she’s too far gone.