Geoff Johns

I took my complaints right to the top!

I finally braved up and took a leap of faith. It isn't exactly an envelop or email type letter but I wrote a very extensively detailed letter of appeal to Mr. Johns on my reddit account, addressing the show's biggest issues and how to fix them but sounding as humble and professional as I could, respecting his authority as CEO of DC Comics, then sent him a link to this via his Twitter account in the hopes that he'll see and read it. I know the odds of him seeing it are very slim indeed but there is always a slim chance, I mean Twitter gives you the option to tweet to other people for a reason. If anyone per chances knows any more assured ways of contacting him please feel free to share with me. I also know I basically invited public humiliation on my reddit account, and I'm probably inviting it by sharing it on here too be to be honest, but many users on reddit (excluding Oliciters of course) have actually been very supportive of my appeal. Some have even commented their desire to share it around as much as possible in the hopes Mr. Johns does see it somehow. As such I was interested to see how everybody else on here thought of it and you can read it in the link below.

Marc Guggenheim

No point appealing to this guy of course.

I've realized that Marc Guggienheim is so caught up in his misguided ways to change anything about the show, but then I remembered that Geoff Johns is the overseer of the Arrowverse and has a Twitter account. This got me thinking maybe if indeed he reads the posts sent to his Twitter account, and he reads the words of a faithful DC Comics fan and personal fan of his, I have actually read many of his personal contributions to DC, maybe he'll take my points into consideration. I speak not just for myself in the appeal but also on behalf of many other fans who wish to see the same changes that I believe would make Arrow great again. Again I realize this is a long shot and even if he does read the appeal it's his say so and who am I to oppose him?