Marc Guggenheim

I finally tried the big G himself!

I wrote a few days ago that I wrote a letter of appeal to Geoff Johns on my reddit account regarding several changes in Arrow that I think need to happen, primarily Olicity. However as Xandermcc pointed out, I would probably have more luck trying to reach Guggie himself so that's what I did. I re-wrote my letter addressing Guggie himself and sent it to him via his Twitter in the hopes he'll read what I have to say. Many people may think this is a waste of time and I don't entirely disagree but I felt like doing something. It's also my hope, since I've written it in professional and respectful manner, that he will at least take some of what I have to say into consideration. Several reddit users I know claim he actaully does reply to tweets so here's hoping that happens to me. My letter has actually been noticed by a blog site called The Starling Tribune, a member of the Gonnageek Podcast Network, that have made open podcasts to Guggie before and requested to use my letter as reference in the upcoming podcast. I don't know if they'll be successful either but at least it's being noticed by people beyond just reddit. I actually feel much better for having done this, for at least trying to voice my opinions which I feel also gives a voice to many other fans. To read the letter click the link below. Let me know what you think. 

By the way I also considered sending similiar letters to Wendy Mericle/Scimitar or whatever we're calling her, and Greg Berlanti but I decided against it in fear of coming across pushy incase Guggie does get it. Anyone think I should try them too?