Dinah Drake

I'm starting to warm up to her, but I still don't trust her.

While I'm still kinda two minds about Dinah Drake, I am trying to give her a decent chance especially now that we know she's sticking around for season 6, which I honestly wasn't sure if she was. That said there are still some aspects about her character that I find suspicious and while I don't think she's evil as I once did, there still is something off about her and I think I’ve figured it out. I think Prometheus is holding Dinah's family hostage, after learning that she was Oliver's best potential Black Canary candidate, and has threatened to kill them unless Dinah joins Team Arrow and plays spy for him, as Evelyn has blown her cover as did Earth-2 Laurel so now he needs another spy. It also gives Oliver a sense of false hope that he's honored Earth-1 Laurel's legacy when in fact he kinda hasn't and Prometheus is always saying he's ten steps ahead of Oliver. 

Laurel Lance (Earth One)

Oliver's chosen successor just also happens to be named Dinah? Who also has a mother named Dinah? That's too convenient sorry.

Her name is the biggest thing that’s bugged me since day one I mean come on Dinah Drake? This is a universe of shows where the previous Black Canary’s name was Dinah Laurel Lance whose mother is also named Dinah, who also just so happens to live in Central City where Dinah Drake herself originates. All of this is forgetting the fact that Dinah Drake is traditionally the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance. We originally believed her name was Tina Boland but then she revealed it to be an undercover identity to protect her family. I originally thought this is just a display of trust to Oliver by sharing her real name and when she enlisted into the S.C.P.D. she’d still be known as Tina in public, but she started going by Dinah in public instead? 

The Flash suit (Jay Garrick)

Remember this guy? Not saying Dinah/Tina is anything like him, but it's kinda tradition for a character with secrets to use a Golden Age superhero name as false identity.

Just because she’s not in Central City anymore doesn’t mean all the criminals whose organisations she infiltrated won’t remember especially if they have contacts in Star City. Remember Tobias Church? The criminal whose organisation Dinah/Tina infiltrated before becoming a meta-human, Sean Sonus, had connections to Church so who’s to say Church didn’t know about her? Church is dead true but his remaining contacts aren’t and he even mentioned having a brother who also seems to be a criminal. Also everything Curtis looked up about her indicated that her name really was Tina Boland but his hacking skills are almost as good as Felicity's and if she was born as Dinah Drake, you don't think he would have found something on that? I think she’s lying and that her name really is Tina Boland and she’s simply using the name Dinah as a twisted ploy on Prometheus’ behalf to gain Oliver’s trust, as Laurel’s first name was also Dinah. Wouldn't be the first time a character has used a Golden Age superhero name as a false alias.

Prometheus and Black Siren

I'm still convinced that Prometheus used Black Siren to motivate Oliver into finding another Black Canary.

I’m also still 100% convinced that Adrian’s reason for using Earth-2 Laurel was to motivate Oliver into keeping his promise to Earth-1 Laurel and find a Black Canary successor. As pointed out by Earth-2 Laurel herself why did have have her pretend to be Earth-1 Laurel? Why not just pit her against Oliver from the start? I don’t think Adrian had Dinah specifically in mind but wanted Oliver to find someone to honor Earth-1 Laurel. Through her debut episode Dinah continually rejected Oliver’s offers and then walked away after killing the guy she was after. However she then showed up at the end of the episode and suddenly decided to accept Oliver’s offer. I never really understood why she did this. It could just simply be an alone thing but is it possible that between killing the mobster who killed her boyfriend and accepting Oliver’s offer, Prometheus found her and threatened her family if she didn’t accept Oliver’s offer? Prometheus kept Earth-2 Laurel in line so I don't think controlling Dinah would be much of a stretch either.

Dinah Drake in the field

Dinah knows why she was sought out so why is she so reluctant to accept the mantle?

Also Dinah knows she was sought out to succeed Laurel as the Black Canary yet she hasn’t actually taken the name yet. While it could be the nerves of being the new girl Oliver, Felicity and Quentin have all given Dinah their blessing for Dinah to become the new Black Canary yet, as pointed out by Rene in 5x18, she hasn't. Is it because she’s only in Team Arrow to get her family back and doesn’t feel worthy of accepting Laurel's mantle when she’s not there out of sincerity? Also, while this could simply be a cop thing and being new to the team, Dinah seems especially eager to see Adrian be put down even though without proof there was nothing they could do. When Oliver told Dinah this in 5x16 she kinda gave him a look that made me feel a little off. Also Dinah also seemed especially keen to be the one to take the evidence of his unmasking to S.C.P.D. Not saying everyone in Team Arrow doesn’t want Adrian in the ground but Dinah just seems to be the most eager of all of them. Is it because she’s helpless to stop Prometheus and is hoping that Team Arrow, despite being forced to spy on them on Prometheus' behalf, can take him down so she can get her family back without endangering them?

Adrian Chase

The scene between Adrian and Dinah in 5x15 has always made me suspicious. The way he talks to her kinda sounds like he's secretly telling her something else.

Finally there were a few scenes between Adrian and Dinah in 5x15 which after re-watching recently gave me this idea that I think are hinting towards something. After calling Team Arrow she lied to Adrian and said it was a family emergency and he responded with “family’s important” and offered to take Vigilante’s visor piece back to S.C.P.D., and said to her “I hope everything’s ok with your family”. First of all the district attorney shouldn’t really be allowed to take evidence from a detective on the crime scene, and without gloves. Second the way he was talking to her was like he was secretly telling her something else like the way he was talking to Oliver in 5x16 once he knew Oliver was aware of his secret and said “Is it that you’ve really been asleep all this time?” Also Adrian promised to take the piece back to S.C.P.D. for Dinah yet Adrian still had it when Dinah was there and slipped it back and she looked almost like she was waiting for him, like they planned it. And this also just so happened to let Team Arrow stop Vigilante from assassinating Oliver thereby allowing Adrian’s scheme to label Green Arrow a murderer. I think Adrian was quietly reminding Dinah of why she’s there and what’s at stake and she was powerless to do anything to stop it.

For someone who can threaten a meta-human like Black Siren, I don't think threatening Dinah Drake is beyond Prometheus' abilities.

This may be grasping for straws and frankly it may just be because I;ve been two minds about the new Black Canary story, as there shouldn’t be an old Black Canary, but there is just something about Dinah that I don’t trust even despite knowing she's sticking around for next season which means she probably isn't a villain. I don't distrust her like we all distrusted Earth-1 Wells/Eobard, more like how we distrusted Earth-2 Harry. We knew Harry wasn't evil but we knew there was something he wasn't telling Team Flash. Also if I'm right notice how all three of Prometheus' spies are tied to Black Canary. Evelyn pretended to be Black Canary, Earth-2 Laurel pretended to be Earth-1 Laurel and Dinah Drake has been chosen to succeed Earth-1 Laurel. I did make a previous post implying that Adrian could have been in love with Laurel once upon a time so maybe this is some twisted way of avenging her, as well as his father thereby taking the legacies of Oliver and Laurel into account this season.