Dinah Drake

I think Dinah and E2-Laurel will use their powers to create a sonic barrier, but it won't be big enough to cover everyone so one person will still be killed.

So based on everything we’ve been told I’m sure that most of the characters on Lian Yu will survive 5x23 but I am convinced at least one of them is going to die in 6x01 but as to how most of them survive here’s what I think: Dinah and E2-Laurel, reluctantly working together of course, are going to use their powers together and created a sonic barrier that will literally deflect the impact of the explosion off the group to protect them. However I don’t think their powers will stretch far enough to cover everyone and at least one of the group will be exposed to the explosions and they’ll be killed right in front of the others. I don't really see how else they could have escape.

Black Siren and Quentin

I can picture Black Siren relucantly workng with Team Arrow if it means saving her own neck.

The ARGUS boat is too far away, the plane is sabotaged, there’s no indication they were anywhere near the ARGUS prison (but seriously guys you don’t think Prometheus accounted for that too?) and they didn’t seem close enough to the water to escape the fallout and at least one major character has to die or Prometheus will have been a waste of a villain, so this is the only way I can think of based on possibilities that have presented themselves. Again as I said in my previous post Guggie has implied a series regular may be killed so anybody’s a target and there will be other consequences as a result of what just happened, which will likely be fallout as a result of that death. 

Felicity Smoak

In my last post I speculated that she may die somehow saving Samantha. Taking this into consideration now I think it's even more possible.

As I also said in my previous post I think Felicity should die saving Samantha so she dies redeeming for the various acts of terrorism she committed this season and ensuring that William doesn’t have to grow up without a mother. Maybe Samantha could be in the way of an explosive and Felicity throws herself in the way and takes the full impact of the explosion to save her? I know Felicity’s death is highly unlikely but I've had a feeling I can’t shake because of how she was interacting with the characters in 5x23, and I had the same vibes in the episodes that Tommy, Moira, Sara and Laurel died. I also had the same feeling in the Legends episode that Snart died and the Flash episodes that Eddie and HR died.

Harrison Wells (Earth Nineteen)

I accurately called HR's death, not from online fan speculation but from the way he was interacting with Cisco and Tracy in 3x22. I'm getting those same vibes from Felicity based on how she was interacting with Oliver and Samantha.

Not saying I’m the absolute master of prediction as Ronnie, Deadshot and Hawkman’s death caught me off guard, but speaking with modesty I’m pretty good at calling the fatalities. Believe me I’ve wanted Felicity dead many times before, in fact try every episode since mid-season 3, but of course I never expected it to actually happen but I don’t know, something about this time just feels different. Anyway didn’t meant to rant, my morbid desires to see Felicity die aside, I think Dinah and E2-Laurel combining their powers to protect everyone else with a sound barrier is the only way they get out of what happened but somebody isn’t going to make it, otherwise the season will have been a massive waste of time.

You agree with this or do you have another idea for how they’ll survive?