Laurel Lance / Black Canary has been confirmed dead, fucking Arrow writers, but I'm still having a hard time believing she's gone for good. Unless Katie Cassidy (actress who plays Laurel) has stated she's left because of disagreements with the producers or something then yea I can go with that, but I haven't found such reports. She said she had to tell Oliver something and it didn't show what she said and she started seizing when she was fine seconds before. Katie Cassidy is still credited despite her character being dead, and she appeared in the flashbacks of "Canary Cry" after her character died. Also she will play the Earth-2 Laurel in the upcoming Flash episode "Invincible", but given Zoom's murderous tendencies she'll probably die by the end of the episode. Furthermore she will be voicing the animated version of her character in the next season of Vixen. For someone who seems to be leaving she seems to be sticking around for a while. I don't think she's dead and here's why:

Sara will return to her own time in the Legends of Tomorrow finale and learn about her sister's death, but I think an older Sara has already gone back further when Darhk kills Laurel and faked her death and the corpse they burried is a fake. Laurel told Oliver this so he wouldn't worry but told him not to tell the others in case Darhk found out and went after Quentin again. 

This is just a theory, one which I know probably has some holes but I'm having trouble believing the writers would kill off the Black Canary so either

  • A. they're planning some awesome comeback
  • B. they're just really fucking stupid.

I'd like to have some faith in the human race however so I really hope it's option A.