So as I stated in one of my previous posts Guggie has implied that a main character may be killed off in 6x01 so I've been trying to figure out who could have died in 5x23, because quite frankly with an ending like that at least one person has to die or Prometheus will just be a waste of a villain. Honestly despite all that's being said and implied I still think it's Felicity because it's fitting and presents numerous story opertunities and she's the most likley candidate based on how this season has gone.

Felicity Smoak

I still can't decide who else it could be.

5x20 Oliver and Felicity made amends over all the William crap from last year and were hinting towards a reunion in 5x22 but honestly when things like his happen in a tv show that’s usually when one of them dies and since it obviously won’t be Oliver who does that leave? Also the kiss in 5x23 only further adds to my suspicion. However the one thing that’s got me convinced is the way she was talking to Samantha in that same episode because they cleared the air with the William crap also but Samantha said she wasn’t leaving the island without William and Felicity knows how much Oliver cares for William, and it’s been stated and shown before that William is the one person Oliver cares for more than Felicity. Also Adrian made several hints towards killing her in 5x17 with a pair of her glasses from her apartment and reminding him of saving her from Count Vertigo in 2x07. I mean how do we know that Oliver and Felicity making amends in 5x20 because of the situation they were in with the EMP wasn't also part of Adrian's plan? As Hunter Zolomon said "To give people hope... so I could rip it away from them" 

Samantha Clayton

I honestly don't think Samantha is dead because while William will be more involved, I don't see it being a full time thing either.

I honestly think however they get out of the explosive situation they’re facing on Lian Yu right now, Felicity is going to sacrifice herself to save Samantha somehow so William doesn’t have to grow up without his mother. People say Samantha is going to die but honestly I don’t think so. It's clear William is going to be more involved in Oliver’s life now that he knows of their relation and that he’s Green Arrow but if he loses Samantha then he’ll be riddled with grief and anger upon suddenly thrown into a new family, and if they try to force some step-mother story with Felicity and William I honestly think he’ll just reject her and Oliver will have to choose between his kid and girlfriend which is a no brainer. Also I don’t think the Oliver and William thing will be a full time thing next season and if so then Samantha needs to be alive as she’s the only other family he has. So I can see Samantha realizing that running won't protect William from whatever threats want to use him against Oliver, so she moves back to Star City so Oliver keep him better protected, which allows him to have a proper relationship with his son without him always being in it. 

Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

As I mentioned in my previous post, losing Laurel sent Oliver right back into old habits. To really prove he's moved on he needs to be tested again.

I know Oliver just came full circle with his past but isn’t that the tragedy of his life? Every time he gets somewhere he’s test again? Losing Tommy made him want to stop killing upon seeing how even his best friend saw him only as a monster, yet losing Laurel sent him back down that path and believed he never should have stopped in the first place. Now he can say he’s moved on but he really needs to prove it so I think he needs to endure one more loss to test him so he can prove Adrian wrong and not let his darkness consume him as it has done before. Also Felicity has done more than a few things she needs to atone for this season: Breaking a dangerous terrorist out of ARGUS, disabling a homeland security drone and endangering innocents in both situations so I think she needs to die doing something noble so at least she dies a redeemed character. Hell if Malcolm Merlyn can do it she sure as hell can.

Mr. Terrific

I've been getting the feeling for a while now that Curtis may be Felicity's replacement.

I know there’s talk of Smoak Technologies becoming a thing and Helix is going to return which implies Felicity will survive but there are two simple answers right there: Smoak Technologies is built in Felicity’s memory (maybe Thea discovers shares Malcolm leaves her in Merlyn Global Group and she redesigns it into Smoak Tech) and Helix could be a Curtis storyline. See that gives two other main cast members something to do. Also I have noticed that for much of this season Curtis was becoming very tech/computer involved and was often filling in for Felicity whenever she was off with Helix, and he literally has her skills, and Cisco's, so I don't see why he couldn't replace her. He even jokingly tried to combine his codename and Felicity's in 5x19 since he was filling in for both at the time. Now despite the problems I have with Curtis, mainly his repeated proclimation of his homosexuality (no offense to any LGBT's reading this), I would rather he fill in for her as he simply has much more to offer than she does at this point. Hell maybe Felicity's death will make him a better character?


It's clear that his actions will have fallout into season 6, so his victim needs to be somebody truly significant to Oliver.

Guggie also said “There will be consequences besides character death” but he also said “don’t assume everybody with main cast status to survive” so this indicates that somebody who is already a main character will die and it will be impactful so again who’s the best choice: Felicity! Stephen Amell has also said "Emily will return" but he didn't say alive or dead i.e. flashbacks or hallucinations. A fan asked Guggie if the series would feature Felicity flashbacks and he replied "That's the plan, non-Oliver flashbacks", but he didn't say Felicity flashbacks. The premise for next season does include Felicity but the next season premise for Flash also included the now dead H.R. Wells, so who says they're aren't lying about that too? Nothing absoutley definitive has been stated yet so I still think there is a chance it could be her. Also I think a while back before 5x23 aired they said "1 or 2 Team Arrow members may die" and if we're counting former and occasional members then Malcolm was the first, which leaves a potential second.

John Diggle

I highly doubt it will be Diggle because there's always uses for him, but Felicity's stories are running out.

Honestly I'm not seeing who else it can be to be honest. Yes I am aware there is also a large Olicity fanbase but there is also a very large number of fans who hate the concept, and that's not including the ones who have since given up, and this last season alone has proved that the series is far better of without Olicity. I honestly think Felicity's days are numbered as I'm not seeing who else it could be who doens't offer more story potential than she does. Diggle maybe, but honestly he's always been the backbone of Team Arrow so they'll kind always need him around but Felicity not so much.