Mr. Terrific

Despite his flaws I still think Curtis has potential.

I'm not looking to start any "Will Felicity die in 6x01?" arguments. I get that many people don't think she will die while I'm still not 100% convinced that she won't. I'm just asking a question out of curiosity. If you could choose who would you prefer ran tech in Team Arrow between Felicity or Curtis. I ask because while it's clear that most people want Felicity dead there doesn't seem to be much respect for Curtis either, which is understandable considering how often he goes on about being gay (no offense to any LGBT community members reading this) and ships Olicity, but Team Arrow does still need a tech person so I wanna know who is more prefereable.

Felicity Smoak

All feelings of contempt aside, what else is there to tell with her?

Personally I think Curtis would work much better than Felicity because he is literally a Felicity/Cisco combo and I still think he has potential, assuming he actually learns how to fight of course. You could argue that they still need someone behind the computers during missions and if he was Team Arrow's tech-guy he couldn't be Mr. Terrific anymore, but Cisco is basically Team Flash's tech-person and yet he still manages to do that and aid the team as Vibe so I don't see why Curtis couldn't do the same? Curtis actually has done this a few times already when Felicity was otherwise aiding Helix in committing multiple acts of terrorism lol, and I have suspected for sometime that he may be Felicity's replacement because of it.

That's my opinion but I would like to know your's. Would you rather change up the team and have Curtis be tech-support or continue having Felicity as tech-support?