I've been reading through some of the character pages and there are some things I think need to be adressed, but I will respect the wiki adminstrator's rules regardless. 

Character names

Zaman Druce

If we're not gonna rename Jesse Quick to Jesse Wells, then I think Zaman Druce should be re-named back to Druce as I don't recall his first name ever being spoken.

Certain character pages are still titled under aliases when their real names have been confirmed by the producers. While I know it's the golden rule that we don't call characters by names unless stated in the show I've seen a few examples that contradict that rule. My primary examples are Jesse Quick and Zaman Druce. Jesse's full name has been confirmed as Jesse Chambers Wells yet because we haven't heard this within the show itself she is still called Jesse Quick. However Druce's first name was never spoken in the series and the page is called Zaman Druce because it was confirmed by the producers. If we are sticking firmly to the "no full names unless confirmed in the show rule" then I think it's fair if Zaman Druce's page is renamed back to simply Druce. 

Earth-2 / Earth-3 Character birth years 

E2 Barry Escape From Earth-2 1

I think the Earth-2 characters whose Earth-1 counterpart's year of birth have been confirmed, should also have this added to their pages as parallel Earths take place at the same time.

This may seem like a strange one but it's been confirmed that every parallel Earth exists at the same time so the years are still the same. For example characters like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen have all had their year of birth confirmed as 1985 and 1989 respectively so because they obviously would have been born the same time as their doppelgangers, that would mean Earth-2 Oliver and Barry would have also been born in 1985 and 1989 so I think this should be added to those character pages. Same for the Earth-3 character Jay Garrick as we know Henry Allen was born in 1950 so it makes sense that this is also Jay's year of birth. 

Distinciting Earth-1 and Earth-2 Character pages

Laurel Lance (Earth One)

I think Laurel's page needs to be re-titled "Laurel Lance (Earth One)", now that Earth-2 Laurel is a main character next season. This courtesy should also be branched out to characters like Linda Park and Dante Ramon.

There are certain character pages which I feel should be renamed given the introduction of their Earth-2 counterparts. While I know with certain characters like Hunter Zolomon who is simply named Hunter Zolomon because his Earth-1 counterpart was only in one episode for a second, this would be a waste of time. However with characters like Earth-2 Laurel Lance who now a main character in the upcoming sixth season of Arrow I now think Earth-1 Laurel's page should have the (Earth One) tag added to her character page title. After all both Earth-2 and Earth-19 Harrison Wells have their respective Earths in their page titles as does the Earth-1 version. I also think this should be the case for Linda Park and Dante Ramon as they are both recurring characters who only made a few more appearances than their Earth-2 counterparts. I also think until Earth-1 Iris is married to Barry and takes on the name Iris West-Allen, provided she doesn't actually die this season, that Earth-2 Iris should be renamed Iris West-Allen as she actually is married to Earth-2 Barry.