For those who read my previous post about my choice to leave Arrow once season 5 finishes my mind is still unless Felicity dies but I am still going to speculate until the season finishes. I firmly believe Felicity isn't going to die simply because the producers have made their most useless creation the centre of the Arrowverse but in saying that there is a couple of hints that may indicate otherwise. It's not much, I'm holding out like 2% hope, but it could mean something. 

William Clayton

It's obvious Adrian has kidnapped him but where was he this week?

Last week we saw William, or Matthew as he's now known, being apporached by Adrian and was presumably kidnapped and yet he was nowhere to be seen this week and Adrian is now in A.R.G.U.S. custody. However the smile on his face is a clear indication that his plans are far from over because I think getting arrested was all part of the plan, and using Derek Sampson was simply a misdirect to make Oliver believe he's won. So that leaves one question: Where the hell is William? I also noticed that Samantha didn't try to reach out to Oliver and she would have noticed him missing by now so if he hasn't been kidnapped then she is most likley dead or kidnapped herself. 

Felicity Smoak

I may simply be trying to hold onto foolish naive hope, but I'm starting to wonder if Felicity is actually going to die. I'm still convinced somebody major is going to so why not her?

I've been saying it and I still believe it. Prometheus is connected to Helix and has been playing Felicity all season. It's the only way he can know as much as he does. Also we know that Adrian Chase is a lawyer but do we have no idea what Simon Morrison. For all we know he and Cayden could have started Helix together! Since Adrian is also a master of manipulation I think he's been misleading them all season by intentionally putting himself in harm's way to give Team Arrow false hope and manipulate Felicity into indirectly setting up his endgame. I mean come on a guy who unmasks near a camera and avoids A.R.G.U.S. only to surruender himself after kidnapping William? Let's not forget the homeland secruity drone thing in 5x16 and freeing Cayden which gave Felicity a device in 5x19 that was really an EMP that had them trapped for the whole episode in 5x20 giving Adrian enough time to find William. Whose to say Sampson's release wasn't also part of the plan? I think Adrian is setting Oliver up for the most painful defeat he's ever expierenced. Worst of all I don't think it will be him who executes it.

Slade holds Felicity hostage

Ironically if Slade had succeeded at this the first time, everything would have been so different.

We know that Slade is going to team up with Oliver in the season finale but do you think the other major Arrowverse villain who spent 5 years hating and plotting against Oliver and has now spent another 3 years in jail, is just going to give up his vendetta? "How's the girl with the glasses? What's her name? Felicity?" - This chilling quote he said 1 year after his defeat made it pretty clear that if Slade ever gets out of prison she's first on his list. Also Adrian has been saying that one more loss will destroy Oliver so he's made it fairly clear that he's planning on killing at least one person Oliver knows quite well. I think once Prometheus is killed/captured Oliver will return home only to be confronted by Deathstroke, who escapes Lian Yu with means provided by Prometheus, with a captive Felicity and William and will force him to choose one of them. Now obviously if Oliver is anything of a parent he'll choose William but living with that choice may break him so I think, as a final act of redeeming the character, Felicity should choose herself and Slade happily complies. I think as far as Slade's vendetta goes I think this should be where it ends because he wants to ruin Oliver but since he's left he's lost the first love of his life and if he kills the second, that might just be enough to break him. I also think Slade's character does need to evolve beyond just vengeance for Shado, assuming he doesn't die in the finale which would suck. 

Team Arrow finds information about James Edlund

I find the fact that everyone here, plus Thea and Earth-2 Laurel, is confirmed to return suspicious because they've basically said nobody is dying.

Believe it or not this doesn't come from by desire to see Felicity die, not that I'd complain of course, but I'm still convinced at least one main character is going to die. I know everyone is confirmed for next season which also includes Dinah, Rene and Earth-2 Laurel, but I find that in itself suspicous. Maybe they're just saying everyone is back to keep whoever is going to die secret. Or an alternative to my theory is that the show is going to go Walking Dead 6x16/7x01 and Slade or Adrian is going to kill someone in 5x23 but you don't see who it is until 6x01. Food for thought and just a tiny bit of hope that I won't have to stop watching the show after this season but I still think somebody needs to die and the pacing of the show indicates there will be a cliffhanger because there are too many loose ends to tie up before 5x23.