I really think we should merge the Barry Allen and Savitar pages since they are the same character.

I am aware I made this post once before, shortly after Savitar's identity was revealed, and now since the season is finished I would like to state it again. I think Barry Allen and Savitar's pages should be merged since they are the same character and everything Savitar does should be added as a subheading on Barry's biograpghy page. This wiki has made sub-sections for Eobard Thawne to distinguish between his role in Flash starting from his origin point in Season 2 to his end point as Harrison Wells in Season 1, while there is another section details his role in Legends of Tomorrow as a time remnant. So I think something similar should be done for Barry with a sub-section on his actions as Savitar.

I am aware there is a lot of information on Savitar's page but I really do think it would be better if everything was on one page. If not then I would like to request that we divide the Eobard Thawne page into two seperate pages "Eobard Thawne (Pre-Flashpoint)" and "Eobard Thawne (Post-Flashpoint)".