Lian Yu erupts in explosions

So apparently a main character may not have survived this according to Guggie.

So a while ago I suggested that a main character may be killed off in the season 6 premiere, given that 5x23 was basically a more explosive and less bloody version of The Walking Dead 6x16, and people told me they won’t kill off anybody who is main cast for next season which has led to a general assumption that Samantha will be killed off. However I found an article on several different show finales which includes Arrow where Guggie basically says fans shouldn’t assume that everybody who has been confirmed as main cast will survive the premiere, and even used Walking Dead 6x16 as a reference. To read this click the link below.

So if main cast members are back on the table who could it be?

Felicity Smoak

Highly unlikely... but not impossible.

Obviously a lot of people are practically dancing in Felicity’s hypothetical grave I’m like 90% sure they won’t kill her, though I still don’t think we can rule her out completely and that kiss (ugh!) to me just screamed of impending death, or at least every other program where that plays out one of them dies. I know Helix is still a thing but they don't need her around for that exactly, and Team Arrow encountering somebody with Felicity's skills without her could be interesting. Diggle is one of my favourites but his importance is feeling less prominent these days so I think he could also be in danger and Curtis is starting to get on my nerves with the gay talk (no offense to any LGBT people reading this but I just can’t stand how Curtis always talks about being gay), so I’m kinda hoping he does get killed and if not they really need to make him more likable. 

Dinah Drake

She hasn't been around that long so maybe?

I’m also still two minds about Dinah as a character and since she is now officially Black Canary I can only assume she will have as much of a lifespan of Sara and Laurel before her lol. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if because of this her being promoted to main cast is a misdirection like with Hawkman in LOT 1x02 since we still barely know her and she hasn’t been in it that long either. Killing main cast members early is also not unheard of with CW shows as Vampire Dairies and The 100 have both done this before. I'm also still more in favor of E2-Laurel redeeming at this point, as are many other fans, so I say send Dinah to Legends instead so everybody gets what they want. 


Killing him would be an even bigger mistake than Laurel, so I think the reconnecting with Joe story they've set up is a way to write him out without killing him.

I don’t think it will be Rene since he still has unresolved story with his daughter and frankly he is one of the few Team Arrow members I actually do like at the moment, ironic as he was a reckless shithead to start with. Guggie has said that Thea dying is off the table. Quentin is the last parental figure in the series so he really needs to stick around and I don’t think they’ll kill off Laurel again so I think E2-Laurel is safe too. I don’t see them killing Slade and I think the plot they set up with Slade reconnecting with his son Joe is a way of writing Slade out without killing him. I don’t think Talia and Nyssa should die because there is more they could do with those two, and I’ve heard rumors that Nyssa may be appearing in Legends again. Evelyn could die but I don’t think that would be too impactful as not many people like her anyway. Samantha is a possible but that would suck to be honest but I’m not sure if they’re going to keep William around for Oliver to rise as a full time thing. I’m sure getting kidnapped by Prometheus then finding out who his father is and that he’s Green Arrow has probably given the kid enough to think about without adding the death of his mother into the mix.

Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

I hate myself for admitting it but I understand why Laurel had to die. It still should have been Felicity though.

I will find it highly disappointing if at least one major character of deep significance doesn’t die and this latest episode did just bring Oliver’s character full circle in terms of his evolution from playboy turned superhero so this is a good chance to test his resolve. Now I am going to hate myself for admitting this as I still think it could have been done so differently and it could have easily revolved around Felicity instead but... here it goes: I understand why Laurel Lance was killed off and it actually makes sense. God that made me feel sick to admit. Losing the love of his life drove Oliver into killing again to protect the family he has left, and he believed he never should have deviated away from killing in the first place. Then as he slips back into old habits he encountered Prometheus who was the result of his choice to kill in the first place. 


Though he may be gone his actions will clearly be felt through the season and I think he needs to have just killed somebody deeply significant to Oliver to test his resolve.

Prometheus' actions made Oliver realize that he was wrong for killing in the first place and that if he continued to repeat past mistakes every time he lost somebody close to him, he’d only create more enemies like Adrian and it start a never-ending cycle of murder and revenge. So I think he does need to lose somebody significant to him to test his resolve and what Adrian said as well “You’re one loss away from being destroyed” and “You infect the lives of everyone you touch”, I think they need to come true somewhat so Oliver can prove him wrong. Oliver already proved Adrian’s “You kill me you’ll only be killing yourself” statement wrong as Adrian took his own life in the end but the other two statements need to be put to the test. I have actually heard some speculation considering how Walking Dead 6x16 that Arrow 5x23 was based on if they took it all the way and killed off two main cast members, and Adrian’s two statements could apply to two different characters. So since main cast members appear to be back on the table who do you think, or hope lol, will die?