With season 5 ending with a bang, literally, and coming full circle with many aspects of the show the question is what now? Here's my personal wishlist for the next season of Arrow.


Very keen to see where Slade goes from here. Hopefully he didn't just die.

More Deathstroke: I have to say I am impressed with Slade’s development this last episode as I thought he’d still be all about avenging Shado still but I’m glad to see he’s regained his clarity and respect for Oliver, man it was so good to see them being bros again. That said he is still Deathstroke so I think they should take a more comic approach and make him a recurring antagonist who works for other villains and still clashes with Oliver, but also plays anti-hero when his and Oliver’s interests align or are facing the same villain. I could also see him being a villain in the other shows especially if he somehow regains his Mirakuru strength without all the crazy side-effects, as he has history with Sara and is the reason Ray became The Atom and he also did encounter Caitlin and Cisco once so it’d be fun seeing him cross paths with them again with superpowers. I’m also keen to see if he actually does try to reach out to his son Joe and maybe it will feature a child version of Grant, the future Deathstroke.

Thea Queen

I think Thea could have some interesting arcs next season.

More Thea: I’ve actually quite missed Thea this season and I hope she comes back more into play next season both as a civilian and as Speedy. I think she will be quite affected by Malcolm’s death because he was family, the last family she had, and he just made a similar sacrifice for her that Oliver’s father did for him, so I think she’ll be inspired to honor his death by using the skills he taught her to keep on being Speedy. I think another good story would be for her to reopen Queen Consolidated, or turn it into Queen Inc like in the 2024 Flash newspaper, and build it atop Merlyn Global Group as she is Malcolm’s daughter and must have shares in the company, assuming it’s still operational of course.


Please let's get an unmasking next season. Personally I think it's Dinah's dead boyfriend.

Vigilante unmasking: The biggest mystery that went unsolved last season which totally misdirected us with Adrian being Prometheus rather than Vigilante, though I did actually call that weeks before it happened, so who really is under the mask? I don’t think it’s this Cayden James prick because he was mentioned to have been detained prior to the events of the season. It could also be Roy or a revived Tommy. Personally, now this may sound weird, but I think he might be Dinah’s dead boyfriend. Aside from her boyfriend also being hit by the dark matter from the particle accelerator, there was a moment when Vigilante looked at Dinah in 5x15 through his visor, and it kinda looked like he recognised her. He was also an undercover cop like Dinah so that would explain how Vigilante has access to the weaponry he does. It would also give Dinah some actual interesting story material.

Felicity Smoak

Need I say more?

Felicity death/No more Olicity: I’ve made this point several times so I won’t go too deep but I think I speak for most fans when I say it’s well past Felicity’s time. If you want to know all the reasons why read my previous posts lol but I saw some actual hints in the finale which I pray come true. Felicity and Oliver’s kiss and what she said kinda sounded like farewell talk and pretty much every time I’ve watched a movie or tv show when something like this happens, one of them dies and since it can’t be Oliver that just leaves her. Honestly this would be the perfect time because we just came full circle with Oliver’s character so I say it’s time for a clean slate with some of the show’s weaker elements, her being the weakest of them.

Anatoly and Oliver sever their ties

They've really started something here. I hope Anatoly is season 6's big bad.

Bratva villains + Talia al Ghul: I am praying for the love of God that Helix aren’t the main villains. I would like it much better if Anatoly and the Bratva became the villains because 5x18 really started something between Oliver and Anatoly, and villains are always better when they have personal connections to the heroes. I also think Talia al Ghul should return in some antagonistic capacity because I think it would be a waste if she just died now. After all she is Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter and quite frankly I found her more enjoyable than Ra’s himself so maybe they could work in some kind of Bratva vs League of Assassins war and have Anatoly and Talia be the main villains both fighting each other and Oliver has to take them both on? That would be a change up from the usual one bad guy with a team situations we get every season.

Black Siren talks to Green Arrow

I still think her redeeming could happen. forgetting Snart and Mick, if Malcolm and Slade can do it she sure as hell can.

Black Siren redemption: I won’t go too deeply into this either. Some people think Black Siren is just being brought back so Dinah/Tina can be Black Canary but I’m not convinced. For one why is Earth-2 Laurel coming back as a series regular? Antagonists aren’t usually series regulars unless they’re false protagonists like Eobard/Wells or anti-heroes like Malcolm so this indicates that Laurel-2 will be a villain/anti-hero who hopefully redeems. I know she is quite cruel but 3 years ago I never would have guessed Captain Cold and Heat Wave would reform so why not her? Also when I say she should redeem I don’t mean like a few episodes in because she should also be an antagonist for a while but I think redeeming would be good thing later on.

Oliver found by Chinese fishermen

These are over but I would like to see other character flashbacks, though not too many because now they can focus more on the present day storyline.

Varied but reduced flashbacks: The Oliver flashbacks have ended but for character development reasons they should stick around revolving other characters but they shouldn’t be as dominant as they have been so they can focus more on the present day storylines. I think Diggle, Dinah, Rene, Earth-2 Laurel and Quentin could have solid flashback material. If Slade returns I think the 5 years he was off Lian Yu could be interesting as we could see more of his mercenary days. I’d also like to see more of Nyssa’s backstory and maybe show her first encounter with Sara.

This is what I personally hope happens in the next season. Agree or disagree let me know.