Team Arrow tied up on Lian Yu

One of these characters is dying there is no getting around that. Who do you think it is?

Now it's been stated that the point of Lian Yu's explosions is more about how the characters will be affected more than who will die. However given that it was a cliff-hanger season finale ending I find the idea of nobody dying to be laughable and I'm convinces Marc Guggeinheim is taking the piss because of several reports I read that contradict what he says. A while ago he straight up said that not everyone might survive even if they're credited as main characters. Recently there was a report on IGN I read that said "Oliver will lead Team Arrow despite deaths". "Deaths" as in more than one so even if the general assumption that Samantha will die, that still leaves at least one more unaccounted for to die. 

Samantha Clayton

They've hinted towards "deaths" so even if Samantha dies as it's generally assumed, at least one more has to die.

Obviously my answer is Felicity despite the number of reassurances because I've seen like 5 major hints towards her death based on story progression and it would make the most sense and would be symbolic, as she would have been killed because of events Oliver indirectly set in motion years ago which could motivate him into being a better Green Arrow. Overall next season I think Felicity and Samantha will be dead but the explosions that kill them will also badly injure Diggle and Thea leaving him physically crippled and traumatized and her comatose. Quentin will survive but be haunted by his encounter with Earth-2 Laurel knowing how his own daughter could have become. Dinah, Rene and Curtis will be Oliver's new Team Arrow with Diggle, Felicity and Thea all absent but will all be shaken by Felicity's death and Samantha's as they basically represent the fallout of the actions of Oliver Queen and Green Arrow. \

So yea this is just my take on who died of which it's basically been confirmed there will be more than one character who dies now. Who do you think, or want, it is?