The Legends leave feudal Japan

I'd hate it if Legends ended and we didn't see them again until next season, when they all have ties to Arrow and Flash and could very easily make guest appearances until the next season of Legends started.

While every Arrowverse show is still on next week as scheduled Arrow and The Flash are taking almost a month break in the following weeks while the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow still airs the following week. I’ve been speculating for some time, and I hope this annoying delay is why it will happen, that the cast members of Legends will go back to their own shows for the final few episodes of each season. After all when Legends finishes Arrow and Flash will still have another 4 episodes to go before their finales and I would find it annoying if like 1 third of the Arrowverse cast was MIA for that whole time. As much as I love Legends I do miss the cast members interacting with their own teams. Considering how much Prometheus is hurting Team Arrow right now I think they could use Sara and Ray’s help, and while Nate doesn’t originate from any of the original shows he did live in Star City so I think he’d simply transition to Arrow. I also do miss the Firestorm and Flash team ups. Not sure about Mick but he might just go MIA until the other seasons finish unless he decides to help Barry out or become a criminal again, with or without Snart. Nor am I sure where Rip would fit but I’m fairly convinced Amaya will go back to 1942 at the end of the season.

White Canary

There are numerous reasons Sara should return to Arrow for a while, and I think this would be a good time.

I especially think Sara should go back to Arrow for various reasons. Aside from Prometheus, Talia al Ghul is equally the main villain of the season and Sara met her as a child in the 1950s so a reunion would be cool and would also explain how Prometheus knew about the Waverider if he learned of it from Talia because of Sara. I also really want to see Sara meet Earth-2 Laurel and to see if she has Oliver’s mindset to try and help her like he wants to. I think Earth-2 Laurel will still be a criminal for some time but I think if she is forced to interact with more doppelgangers of the people she loved, omg the feels if Quentin meets her, then that might make her conflicted enough to start considering their words. Finally I really want to see Sara meet Dinah and to see if she approves of her using her sister’s mantle. Also if Caitlin does become Killer Frost then a fight between her and Firestorm would be epic. I’d prefer it if Ronnie somehow came back to fight his now villainous wife but I’d settle for Jax as well, which actually makes sense considering Caitlin convinced him to succeed Ronnie in the first place.

Rip Hunter

I think, in a parallel of the season premiere, Rip should send the Legends back to their times for whatever reason.

As for how the Legends could return to their own times I think in the finale after they've defeated the Legion of Doom there will be another threat that emerges but Rip Hunter will decide to time scatter them back to 2017, without their permission, so he can face it alone, to atone for his crimes as a member of the Legion. Then the Legends with little else to do would agree to go their seperate ways and return to protecting their respective cities, but would stand ready in case Rip calls for them again. This is just speculation but I think it’d be stupid for Legends to finish and for us to not see any of them again until next season when each other show still has 4 episodes left, and I do really miss them interacting with their own teams.