Felicity Smoak

I apologize for my immature behavior and I will stop posting hate posts about her.

So first of all I have an apology to make. I have been rather excessive in posting anti-Felicity/Olicity posts on this wiki and several people have called me out for it and I admit I have been kinda deflecting my distaste for Felicity on this wiki a bit too much. I still don’t agree with what most people tell me, that Felicity dying and Olicity ending is never going to happen because I think anything is possible, but I will stop vocalizing it since it is annoying people quite a bit. So in that spirit I have a theory on Vigilante’s identity.

The producers have stated that Vigilante is somebody we’re already familiar with but I can think of no other character hero or villain who isn’t dead, imprisoned or simply doesn’t add up to be Vigilante. However re-watching Captain America: Winter Soldier the other night gave me an idea: Is Vigilante actually a brainwashed Roy Harper?


It would be a problem if Vigilante was a brainwashed Roy. Oliver, Thea and Diggle would have to fight one of their oldest friends. The recruits would also have to fight the very first of Oliver's recruits.

While Roy obviously knows who Oliver is and wouldn’t willingly try to kill his former teacher I think he could have been kidnapped sometime after his reappearance in 4x12 and been brainwashed him into becoming Vigilante and had his memories wiped. Now he’s running around as a literal darker version of The Hood, the very person he idolized. Vigilante also does kinda remind me of Red Hood and since Batman copies Arrow all the time if anyone in this series is going to take on Jason Todd’s role its Roy. Also if he has been tortured and brainwashed that kinda incorporates a bit of Arkham Knight into the story as well. If this is true I think it may have been Talia al Ghul that brainwashed him since she sought out Oliver to become The Hood but since he deviated away from his killing rule then killed Ra’s, Talia sought vengeance but knew Star City would need someone who could do what Oliver wouldn’t. So I think she found Roy, erased his memories and rebuilt him into Vigilante, the way Ra’s tried to turn Oliver into “Al Sah-him”, to take Oliver’s place.


Vigilante kinda reminds me of Red Hood and since Arrow copies Batman all the time, if anybody is going to have Jason Todd's storyline it's Roy.

People have speculated that Vigilante is Cayden James, the leader of Helix, but the timing doesn’t add up for it to be him. In 5x19 Lyla mentioned that Cayden was apprehended 8 months before. In that same episode Quentin confronted Rene about declining Curtis’ offer for a lawyer to get his daughter back which he stated was 2 months before which occurred in 5x15, the same episode Vigilante tried to assassinate Oliver. So unless Cayden is slipping in and out of A.R.G.U.S. custody unnoticed it can’t be him. I also don’t think there is any connection between Helix and Vigilante as their agendas are too conflicting. Vigilante only wants Green Arrow dead because he sees him as interference to his own pursuit of justice, and since he targeted Oliver Queen later for his “corruption” as mayor he doesn’t appear to know Oliver’s secret. Helix is aware of Felicity and Curtis identities so they must know who Oliver is which means if Vigilante is working with Helix he would also know, so why wouldn’t he just go after Oliver himself? 

Helix find Cayden James

If Vigilante and Helix were in league wouldn't he have gone after Oliver sooner?

Personally I used to think Vigilante was somehow Adrian while he was also Prometheus as the result of split-personality disorder but the finale proved me wrong, though I do still have to note that Vigilante sounds a lot like Adrian, and there is a theory that it could be the Earth-2 Adrian Chase/Simon Morrison but I personally don’t see how this could work. If Vigilante is a brainwashed Roy Harper it could be an interesting story for all the main characters being forced to fight their friend and former teammate when he doesn’t even know who they are, especially for Oliver and Thea. It could also be interesting for Rene, Dinah and Curtis (and maybe Rory if he comes back) as the new recruits would be forced to fight the very first of Oliver’s protégés.

So tell me what you think is Vigilante a brainwashed Roy Harper or is it somebody else? Again I do apologise for the excessive anti-Felicity posts and I will stop uploading them.