Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset

This is endgame and I know that now. But I believe there is a way to stop it.

I know I promised to back off from the Felicity talk and made a formal apology for it but I'm willing to bend just this once because I'd like everyone to read my answer for Arrow's biggest problem. I’ve come to a realization I’ve been spending months trying to avoid, that Felicity will survive 6x01 and Olicity will return which means Helix, Smoak Tech and thus brewing the recipe for the worst fanfiction ever created. Olicity is endgame despite how horrendous it is and clearly Guggie doesn’t see the damage it’s doing but it’s return is inevitable and this show is doomed because of it. That said I believe there is something we as an audience can do to stop Olicity and save this show. This may be pointless, a waste of time and a long shot but it’s really the only option left to us.

I propose that everybody reading this that watches Arrow every week on television stop watching and give season 6 a complete miss (or at least miss the initial live airing of the episodes and watch them the next day through some other means), and encourage others you know to do the same and if enough fans are absent the ratings will go down. If it gets below 0.9 million then the show will only have two options left:

Felicity shot

If ratings decline severely then this, or her leaving, will be their only option to preserve the show.

Option A: They’ll have to end Olicity as a last ditch effort to bring back their lost fans and as soon as they do we all go right back to watching it which means they’ll either have to kill off or write out Felicity Smoak, then we spread the word that Felicity is gone and encourage everybody else who stopped watching to go back. The Olicity fans will leave too I am aware but I know that the number of general viewers outweighs the number of Olicity, they simply have louder voices. If we get the word gets out to encourage a return to all departed fans as the Olicity fans are leaving then just maybe we can get the ratings back up to 2 million. Additionally maybe they’ll fire Guggie and Mericle and replace them with someone else who actually knows how to write this show. Maybe they’ll bring Kreisberg back?

Oliver brings Sara to the Arrowcave

This is how I want to remember Arrow.

Option B: They’ll have to cancel Arrow and season 7 will be the final season and the spin-offs will go on without it. I’d rather it not be this option but honestly I could live with it because I’d rather have an Arrow that’s epic and actual character based, rather than an Arrow that’s sappy and revolved almost completely around the most useless hypocritical bitch and borderline terrorist. I’d also rather remember Arrow for what it used to be during the first two seasons and not for what it’s become since and with a crappy season 6, there’s about to be more bad memories than good.

Oliver as the vigilante

Please let us try to at least get the show back to being this good.

I know this may be a long shot but you know power to the people and everything. The problem I’ve realized is that the more we bitch about Olicity then the more we encourage them to do it. But if we all just back off and leave we may be able to send a message but I think it’s sad that this should even be an option and it really proves that Arrow has failed as a tv show. Let’s all hope though that years from now if somebody reboots Arrow that they learn from Guggie’s mistakes and don’t repeat them and give the next generation a Green Arrow show that’s epic, faithful and well written so at least they can enjoy what we ultimately didn’t get to.