So I'm not trying to start any Laurel vs Dinah arguments I just want your opinions on an observation I've made as to why I think E2-Laurel is returning. This hasn't been stated by any producers this is just me speculating but I think E2-Laurel coming back is appeasement to the fanbase and here's why.

Black Siren and Quentin

I've noticed a few patterns in the series that imply that E2-Laurel may not have been intended to return next season.

I think Laurel was killed off in 4x18 so they could focus on Olicity as the endgame relationship and were already planning to introduce Dinah Drake because of the promise Laurel made (which wasn't revealed until 5x01), so they could pursue Olicity and keep the show technically canon with having a Black Canary who wasn't romantically tied to Oliver. I think E2-Laurel's return to Arrow 5x10 was simply meant to be a way to set up Dinah's introduction with Oliver being encouraged to keep his promise to Laurel, and that would have been about it as far as she's concerned. What I don't think Guggie was expecting was for so many fans to be pissed off with Laurel's death, to be thrilled with E2-Laurel's introduction yet be so divided/rejecting about Dinah, so I think E2-Laurel is being brought back to restore "investor confidence". I also read somewhere that Katie Cassidy wasn't expecting to come back to Arrow for season 6, at least as a series regular, which seems to indicate some truth to my suspicons. There are also still a large number of fans hoping the E2-Laurel redemption theories come true even now despite Dinah's introduction. Personally I'm still in favor of that happening as it simply presents more interesting story material than Dinah simply continuing the mantle because she's simply made more of an impact at this point. 

Dinah Drake

While she is likable there has been an unusually mixed reaction to her presence simply because of circumstances.

Now Dinah Drake is a likable character don't get me wrong, I've never said otherwise, but simply because of circumstances there has been unusually divided reaction to her presence. I know many people do like her and even think she is better than Laurel, but there are also many that simply dismiss her as "Laurel's replacement" and have refused to accept her. Some have been slow to warm up to her because she makes them miss Laurel more. Others like her as a character but also don't because she is basically everything Laurel herself should have been. It doesn't make the situation any easier when E2-Laurel is also basically everything Laurel should have been (minus being evil of course). Seriously E2-Laurel has an actual sonic scream, doesn't wear a mask and wears a black leather outfit with fishnets. Take away her being evil and E2-Laurel may actually be the Arrowverse' most comic accurate Black Canary there is.


Remember this guy? Season 3 and he barely had any attention whatsoever. I'm starting to think Dinah may suffer the same fate.

Dinah's lack of character development this season doesn't help either and while there may have been a lot going on this season with Prometheus, the fact that she's the "New" Black Canary came with a lot of raise eyebrows and they really should have focused on her more. 5x19 and 5x20 would have been great episodes to explore her background and give her a descent chance to shine and really prove that she is worthy of being Laurel's successor, you know rather than "Felicity terrorism" and "bunker sex". While I'm hoping season 6 does more to change my own personal perspective on her does anybody remember Roy Harper? Yea Season 3 he was all but forgotten and then he was written out. Even Laurel felt neglected for most of season 4 and then she was killed off. At this stage I'm starting to assume Dinah will suffer the same fate because of this show's history. Everybody also needs to keep in mind that she is officially Black Canary now so history also dictates that she has to die within 1 year from now like Sara and Laurel before her lol. Jesus the Black Canary mantle is basically Robin at this point. Dick Grayson = Sara. Jason Todd = Laurel. Tim Drake = Dinah Drake. I guess if the E2-Laurel redeem theories come true that will make her Damien Wayne lol. 

The Legends travel to Aruba before crash landing in an alternate Los Angeles 2017

I think so everybody wins Dinah should be transferred to Legends because she does still kinda feel out of place in Arrow and not fitting in is kinda the M.O. of the Legends.

I actually feel really bad for Juliana Harkavy because if circumstances were different and if there was no Laurel Lance before and Dinah was the first Canary to be introduced then reactions probably would have far more positive than they have been. I've even seen people leave hate comments on her Twitter which personally I think is going a little too far, but it kinda demonstrates that not everybody has been so welcoming of her. At the same time I feel bad for Katie Cassidy getting screwed over and basically replaced as she did. Apparently she was the last one to know she was getting killed off too and I think it's awesome that she's chosen to come back because she could have just refused and I don't think many people would have blamed her. While I am aware both Katie and Juliana are main cast for season 6 I don't see how both of them stick around without the other getting killed off and just raising more Canary death issues, so I say so everybody wins redeem E2-Laurel and keep her around in Arrow and send Dinah to Legends to grow as a character in her own right so we don't have to lose anymore Canaries. 

Oliver and Felicity drive off into the sunset

This crap only exists because of fans so I don't think Guggie trying to fix his mistake to appease the fans is beyond his abilities.

Remember none of this is confirmed fact, nobody has directly said this, this is just what I personally think is going on in regards to Black Siren returning just from the number of implications I've noticed. Also it's not like Guggie hasn't been influenced by the fanbase before otherwise Olicity wouldn't exist in the first place so I don't think it's hard to believe that he made a choice, got well deserved backlash for it and then decided to amend it the only way possible. I mean I genuinely don't think he expected so many people to be pissed off though the fact that he killed Black Canary in a Green Arrow show really limitations of his intellect to be honest. So tell me what you think. Is E2-Laurel coming back a planned thing from the start or is it simply Guggie trying to clean up his mess?