Grant Gustin was at SDCC chatting all things The Flash. Read on to find out more about WestAllen, Legends of Tomorrow crossovers, and what Grant should probably not be revealing about season two.

DISCLAIMER: This was a roundtable interview, and we apologize if we didn't get to your questions.  

Grant Gustin Q&A

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Q: So big finale, big things happened. What can you tease about the season premiere?

A: I’ve been instructed to be incredibly vague; I apologize ahead of time. I can say though, that we see how the singularity has affected all of our characters.and we’ll get glimpses as to what exactly happened. I wont tell you exactly where we pick up. There are going to be brand new meta-humans that will be different from all the other meta-humans that we’ve had that are showing up for different reasons. Barry is getting a lot of acclaim and attention right now for being the hero that he’s become, and he’s having a hard time dealing with that and accepting the fact that he’s the hero because of what happened with the singularity. He doesn’t necessarily feel like the hero, and you’ll slowly figure out why that is.

Q: How does he feel about Cisco being a meta-human?

A: No one really knows anything about that when we come back. Cisco is still getting hints for himself as to what’s going on, but he doesn’t want to open up about it because the information was given to him by Wells, who at this point he despises, and he just doesn’t want it to be true. He’s having a hard time accepting it so no one else knows that’s going on. I dont know if I’m allowed to talk about that. Too late! (laughs)

Q: Is he going to move on from Iris? For the short term at least?

A: It’s taking a backseat for a different reason than it did last year. One of the reasons Barry is having a hard time feeling like a hero is because he knows that Eddie is the guy that stopped Wells, and he was more of the hero that day. That was hard for Barry to accept, and then he knows Iris is going through a whole different slew of things with his death, so he’s not going to make any moves right now. He’s kind of gonna take a backseat again.

Q: She definitely feels like she’s the Lana Lang and not the Lois Lane.

A: Yeah, totally.

Q: So he’s taking a page out of Oliver’s book.

A: Yeah, I guess so.

Q: In the time you’ve played him, how much more comfortable do you think now he inhabits his skin or his costume’s skin?

A: I think Barry had gotten a lot more comfortable being the hero by the end of season one. The team too, they felt like they could handle the meta-humans, and he was starting to feel like together they were a heroic team that could do this. Things have kind of been flipped on their head for season two. He’s going to have to find his confidence again, and there’s going to be a new mentor that is going to help instill confidence in Barry again and take his powers to a level that they had never been at in season one. In the second episode, Barry is going to do something with his powers that he’s never done before that I‘m really excited about. It’s going to be really cool.

Q: We saw a lot of the scientist part in Barry. How much will that go further into this season?

A: I hope to see more of that. We’ve got a new [character] Patty Spivot, who’s coming in - there will be more police work because there is another character to show that side of Barry’s life. They’re going to be getting closer throughout the season, and it’s going to start to get difficult for Barry to keep his major secret from this new person now. I think because of that, we’ll see more of that CSI and police side of things.
I’d like to see more of it in general. We did stuff in the pilot that was kind of like Sherlock, where you saw how Barry saw things, just even as a CSI before he was the Flash. And we kind of abandoned that for whatever reason, and I hope we can get back to stuff like that with the CSI work in season two.

Q: With Tom Cavanagh here, obviously Wells is still alive in some form. Can you talk about the relationship between Barry and Wells?

A: That’s kind of more difficult to talk about because I think we at some point had vaguely said there won't just be multiple timelines but there’s going to be will be multiple earths, like a multiverse almost. I shouldn’t give too much away about that. That fact that Wells is on the show and alive in some world, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s Barry’s world. They will interact at some point, I think, but I don't know if it’s going to be on Earth 1, Earth 2...I’m saying those words right now, but I shouldn’t be probably. So I don’t know, they’re not interacting out the gates, I know that much.

Q: Becoming a superhero in DC Legends, clearly DC and Warner are moving towards a single universe for their storytelling - do you have any sense how that might intersect with the show? Are there any particular DC characters that you would like to see coming to your narrative?

A: I don’t really even know what the structure of Legends of Tomorrow is yet, to be honest. I don’t know what those storylines are going to be about, where they’re going. I know Flash will appear on that show, and Arrow. And I know some of those characters will be appearing on Flash and Arrow early on as well. I was just saying, I like working with Brandon just because he’s fun and I want to do more with Flash and Atom, I think that’d be cool. I like their dynamic and I personally just like working with Brandon.

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