Here's my personal theory on tempest, Malcolm merlyn and the list. Going off of dialogue said in trust, but verify, I think I have what tempest is all about. In the episode, Tommy's mother is revealed to be dead, killed by someone unknown. I think that Malcolm merlyn was originally a better person, something like an idealist, teaming up with his wife to help clean up the glades. To this end, she opened up a free clinic to help people. But when his wife was killed, possibly by a resident of the glades, he changed. He lost his idealism and morality and decided that he would get rid of the glades, possibly to help starling city similar to Ra's al Ghul. To this end, he left Tommy alone, for a couple years while he began his plan. I think during this time, he created the list, gathering different people and writing it, to do different tasks. Like for Adam Hunt, swindle people of out their money, Martin Somers, allow drugs into Starling City, Jason Broduer, dump toxic waste and Ted Gaynor, rob armored trucks. He recruited some like Ted Gaynor and Adam Hunt by offering them money and the chance to be rich, but others like Moria Queen and maybe even Robert Queen by persuading them that it would be ultimately be beneficial to the city. Their jobs were to not only start the process towards destruction of the glades, buput also use them to corrupt the city to where he could take over it and run things and control people like the commissioner, fire chief and many other important people. I think that the heirarchy has him on top, but otherwise, they are mainly left to their own devices unless they start to back out or pose a threat, but some like Moria serve in the inner circle by doing tasks designated by Malcolm. At some point before the series, Robert Queen began to get cold feet and back out, so to get rid of him, they had him go on a yacht, and sabatoged it in order to kill him while it appearing to be an accident. I also think that his company, Merlyn global group is a front, to provide people with the means to do certain things, (e.g. Ted Gaynor's gernade launcher) and money to certain people or groups so they can fufill their tasks. Now the dark archer may not have always been around, but I think he assumed the role of an enforcer, (not as an archer though) because Moria knew of him, but when he determined that Arrow was targeting the list, and saw him as a threat, began to create the persona sometime between the third and ninth episode by ordering arrows and such. What do you think, add ideas, agree or disagree?