The blog title is pretty straightforward here: do we want there to eventually be superpowers and "super" heroes in Arrow? What could the show gain from it? Or what could it lose? I hope you all will comment with your own opinions, because I would love to hear them!

My two cents, I believe there should eventually be superpowers in the show. However, not directly. I certainly don't want Flash to run up and steal the show, because it's about (Green) Arrow, and he does not have super abilities. But I do think that other superheroes could be, and in my opinion should be, acknowledged as exisiting in the world of Arrow. I think it would really be neat to establish that Oliver does live in a world where Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and others exist. After all, they've already referenced The Flash and Green Lantern by name-dropping Central City and Coast City several times, and we know a Ferris Air jet will be in Ep 22. 

But none of those references actually confirm the existance of superpowered individuals. From the very beginning, the show's creators have made it clear that their show does not involve superpowers, and the Arrow show is grounded and realistic (let's all admit it, they're just copying Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy). But have they changed their minds? Andrew Kreisberg, one of Arrow's producers, not too long ago tweeted the following:

"no powers for now but never say never."

Here's a link to an article with the tweet and everything:

Anyways, I completely understand why many people feel that Arrow should simply stay a grounded, realistic, non-superpowered series. They've already depowered Count Vertigo, so if superpowers exist, why do that to him? The show has an excellent serious tone that I find very enjoyable, and a lot of people would argue that superpowers would ruin this real, serious atmosphere. 

I am fairly certain that no superpowers will be on the show for a while, if ever, since Kreisberg did begin his tweet with "no powers for now," but I'm just pointing out that he also ended it with "but never say never." I believe this means that they are considering possibly bringing in superpowered elements into the show, but way further down the road. Probably not even in season two. However, another thing to consider is that if the Man of Steel movie does really well, which I believe it will judging by the incredible trailers, the show's creators may want to tie Arrow into the new "DC Cinematic Universe" that Man of Steel will inevitably launch. Stephen Amell may even cameo in the Justice League movie as our beloved Green Arrow! And seriously, how cool would that be? 

We certainly don't know the future of this awesome tv show, and we don't know if the creators will have superpowers exist in their world. I really would like them to, but now I want to know what you guys all think? Should they? Should they not? Lastly, keep the comments nice and respectful. Thanks for reading!