Warning, this is my first blog so I will do nothing fancy.

Okay, we all know that at the end of arrow season 5 lian yu was blown sky high and most of team arrow is presumed dead, so let's now talk about replacements! Now in this list will not mention Oliver queen because he is the leader of team arrow and he has no replacements, oh and I will consider everyone on lian yu dead, soz Dinah, Curtis and diggle, you will be missed. Here are my top 6! Because I want Oliver in the middle and everyone symmetrically on each side of him.

1. Ragman. Okay, this is a bit bias because I love Ragman and his design, he was so awesome, and if we are to have a time skip, we would see him rebond with his rags and stronger than ever, he is a fan fav and we need him back!

2. Speedy. Yep I would love to have her back, imagine Oliver coming to her saying he has lost everyone and her coming back as speedy, and remember. She only left to re think her life so she could come back.

3. Constantine. Now he is here just for magical support, and he would be a great addition to the team. The team so far is made of people who do justice covertly and John Constantine would make a great addition, and with no show, why not?!

4. Alena. Because felicity is now gone, we need a new computer wiz, so alena is the perfect choice. Oliver would come to her and inform her that felicity is dead and ask to act in her position, this would be pretty good and hey, maybe he could learn how to fight and become a original super hero or adopt the identity of one.

5. Wildcat. Now in arrow we have always had a heavy hitter who can fight well, and beat the living shit out of criminals, wildcat fits this position. He would make and excellent character and we would see him have some character growth, now for my final one, who is...

6. Vigilante. Okay, okay, before you make a comment that he would never be apart of team arrow this is just a wish list, and I would like ether him or someone like Ted kord, because I just like him and I want him to be Roy Harper and the red hood of this universe.

Overall this would be the best arrow team I could think of, covering everything the team needs, post bellow if you have your own idea of the arrow team and if you liked this blog and anything I can improve on!

Red hood out!