• Deadstroke99

    Warning, this is my first blog so I will do nothing fancy.

    Okay, we all know that at the end of arrow season 5 lian yu was blown sky high and most of team arrow is presumed dead, so let's now talk about replacements! Now in this list will not mention Oliver queen because he is the leader of team arrow and he has no replacements, oh and I will consider everyone on lian yu dead, soz Dinah, Curtis and diggle, you will be missed. Here are my top 6! Because I want Oliver in the middle and everyone symmetrically on each side of him.

    1. Ragman. Okay, this is a bit bias because I love Ragman and his design, he was so awesome, and if we are to have a time skip, we would see him rebond with his rags and stronger than ever, he is a fan fav and we need …

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