This is a list of my PERSANAL top 10 arrow episodes, here we go

10: the odyssey: the odyssey was a great episode, it not only gave us the first flashback episode,’ as I like to call them, but gave us good solid episode. While both timelines gave us great storytelling, it was the flashbacks that drove the episode, which really can’t be said for many episodes (cough season 3 cough). This sold manu bennet as Slade Wilson to me, which carried on for a long time.

9: darkness on the edge of town/ sacrifice: both of these episodes were amazing and I couldn’t take either off, so I put them together (don’t worry, this is the only time). The heist sceans is one of the best scenes of this seasons and the stacks are high for both of these 2 episodes. As they struggle to figure out what’s happening then stopping it, it had a perfect end to season 1. Tommy’s death pulled my heart out, Malcom’s speech at the start of sacrifice gave me chills, and in terms of flashbacks, these were some of the best episodes in a long time

8: the brave and the bold: I am counting both flash and arrow and brave and bold in this because of the crossover, but will focus on arrow. This episoe was epic. With barry getting a teast of the darkness that oliver faces, and Ollie getting to lighten up. That’s all there is to say.

7: years end: in the first half of the 1st season, Oliver was never threatened, he was the strongest man in starling, then the dark archer came along. I would say the best fight scene in season 1 was oliver vs the dark archer. It was a huge threat that carried the season, when melcome was on screen, you knew the threat. The crismus story line explored Oliver coming into a changed world, not just moira remarrying and Thea doing drugs but tradition broken and Oliver trying to save the wreckage.

6: state v queen: all episodes with count vertigo were great, and can hold up on there own, but his was different. It showed Oliver torn. Not only was one of his greatest threats remerging, but his mother’s trial was happening. I can’t put anything that driscribes my love for this episode on paper, so I hope you can understand what I mean when I say I love this episode.

5: the promise: you cannot die, until you have suffered, the same way I have suffered. Until you have known complete despair. And you will, I promise. This is another ‘flashback episode’ but significantly better in terms of what were getting. When I saw this the first time. I was begging for present time when past time and vice versa. It showed slade grow his hatred for Oliver, the thing that made the flashbacks for the rest of the season intrusting, leading up to an epic fight. Team arrow coordinating to save Oliver, and Sara purpose to being on the island with Oliver for the first time.

4: seeing red: roy crazy on mirikuru, ok. Oliver’s child, ok. Moira, carrying the episode. We had seen moira, but this is the first time we saw her with a positive look since season 1. Yes we wanted her out of prison, but she always had something against her. Everything changed, while slades presence was felt, it was a family driven episode.

3: public enemy: this is where things get really close in the list. Season 1 was an amazing season, it had lots of stickers in it, but every episode has something great. We got back to the good ol season 1 days in this episode. Lance hating the arrow and doing everything in his power to stop him, team arrow hiding, and Oliver having to make quick, strong decisions. Donna smoake makes the hospital scenes great and that on the run scenes with Ollie, Roy and laurel, is so good, in every way.

2: deathstroke: now, you can interpret either of these as your number 1. Deathstroke showed team arrow broken, showed slade Wilson at his best and Ollie disjointed. As you can probly tell, I like it when oliver is thrown off, when he is broken out of his usual quo, and we got that. Slade showed the team he decides their fate when he showed up to the arrow cave. He showed them, they can’t hide from him. It gave Isabel a point, not just a boring ‘business woman role.’ But slade carried the episode for me.

1: Broken arrow: I LOVED this episode. It delivered he name, and broke everyone. Roy was a corrector I warmed up to in season 3 and to see him taken from us was heartbreaking for me. Deathbolt was an interesting enough villain for ray to evolve and learn from Oliver. The wit from ray brightened up a fairly dark episode, and bitter lance. Bitter lance was amazing, seeing him willing to guilt anyone to stop Oliver was like candy.

Some great episodes that are worth mentioning are: he undertaking, salvation, the scientist, 3 goasts, suicide squad, the man under the hood, unthinkable, the magician.

So leave your favourite episodes in the comments.

also, please don't kill me because of spelling