• Crosaffcheg

    So Stephen Amell just announced on his Twitter account that Season Finale of Arrow will feature unexpected cameo which was never shown or told about.

    Who do you think it's going to be?

    My personal thoughts, this is Roy Harper. He was announced in Season 5 last summer and it was surprising not to see him the whole season. Probably they just kept him until the end.

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  • Crosaffcheg

    There is a strong idea in every season of Arrow. At least one main character stops being series regular for some reasons and leaves the show or just appears as a guest next seasons. Here are previous examples:

    Season 1 - Tommy Merlyn (deceased)

    Season 2 - Moira Queen (deceased) and Slade Wilson (caught)

    Season 3 - Roy Harper, ("deceased", left the team anyway)

    Season 4 - Laurel Lance (deceased) and Malcolm Merlyn (became bad guy again)

    Season 5 - ?

    Now who do you think either will die or leave the team from the main cast this season?

    Oliver Queen - Oh, please.

    Felicity Smoak - Nope, this team needs a hacker.

    Thea Queen - Nah, they already tried to kill her and resurrected, won't work again.

    John Diggle - Unlikely, he is badass this show needs.

    Curtis Holt - …

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  • Crosaffcheg

    Barry screwed up again

    January 29, 2017 by Crosaffcheg

    Hey folks! Just realised it - Barry is responsible for the current threat for the Legends. He started Flashpoint and after Eobard helped him to kinda restore the timeline like before, Barry just released him like "let it go, let it go". Aaaaand then Eobard runs back in time, assembles The Legion of Doom and starts to cause troubles for Legends. So basically Barry is responsible for disappearance of Rip Hunter, death of Hourman, destruction of JSA (because Vixen left it) etc. What a hero.

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  • Crosaffcheg

    Hello there! I'm not native english speaker so, at first, forgive me for my future mistakes. I have been following this wiki for a long time and there is one thing that bothers me - since we have main cast of the shows on the main page, why there is no Adrian Chase from the Arrow?

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