Due to his recent popularity from Injustice and Arrow, I think (or at least hope) that a Green Arrow video game will be published in the future. Here are my ideas for one.


The overall gameplay will be similar to Batman: Arkham City, but with more emphasis ranged attacks. It will take place in Star City, based off of the comics. Similar to the Arkham franchise, it would be open world with stealth sections, and lots of hand to hand combat. Green Arrow will have a bow similar to the one in Injustice, with a dagger attached to it for more hand-to hand moves. The available arrows include:

  • Basic Arrow
  • Freeze Arrow (Similar to freeze blast from Arkham City)
  • Sonic Arrow (Lures Guards)
  • Triple Arrow (KO's guards quicker.)
  • Boxing Glove Arrow (RC, instant KO)
  • Explosive arrow (After fired can be detonated)
  • Flame Arrow (Ignites flammable substances and mooks)
  • Electric Arrow (Similar to the Remote Electric Charge)
  • Net Arrow (Traps mook in a large net, either hung from ceiling or pinned to floor/wall.)
  • Rope Arrow (Can pull mooks or cast a rope you can walk on. Also used as Grappel)
  • Tear Gas Arrow (Fills room with horrible gas)
  • Smoke Arrow (Helps you escape, like Smoke pellet)
  • EMP Arrow (Disables mook's tech and weapons)
  • Hacking Arrow (Similar to Cryptographic Sequencer)


The plot is more based off of the comics than the show, but takes inspiration from it. It takes place some time after the events of Arkham City, but far away, in Star City. Floyd Lawton (Deadshot), having escaped Arkham, has stolen some high-tech gear from Kord Industries, and has been caught by the Green Arrow and placed in Star City's jail. Arther King (Merlyn), has heared about this, and breaks him out to help take down Oliver Queen once and For all. Using the help of Deathstroke, he builds a league of 10 supercriminals known as the "Round Table". However, Cecil Adams has returned, and has crafted a plot to bring Star City down.

Playable Characters


In the end, you would track down and fight all of these characters and eventually face off against Cecil Adams himself.