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    Spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow Season 3!

    This Tuesday we are going to see the final episode of Legends of Tomorow Season 3 and we know that Jefferson Jackson (aka. Firestorm) is going to appear in this episode. One of the main parts of the episode is going to be the usage of the 6 totems against Mallus. However after the battle I don' think very Legend will stay with the totem that was given to him. I'm pretty sure Amaya and Zari will keep their totems while the other Totems could get some new users. Besides Amya and Zari the only other Legend who could keep his Totem is Mick since there are comic book versions of him who have fire powers. However I think it would be cool if Jax gets the Fire Totem and is now able to use his Firestorm po…

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  • Clonerus

    Who can be a Legend?

    December 29, 2015 by Clonerus

    If there come more seasons of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow", which Heroes from "Arrow" and "The Flash" can become Legends?

    My ideas are:

    - Katana/ Tatsu Yamashiro

    - Huntress/ Helena Bertinelli

    - Question/ Victor Szasz (as Huntress partner)

    - Arsenal/ Roy Harper

    - Vixen/ Mari McCabe

    - Firestorm/ Ronnie Raymond (if he come back)

    - Wildcat/ Ted Grant

    - Curtis Holt/ Mr. Teriffic

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