Alright people time to place your bets here for the next season of DC's Legends of Tommorow. Confirmed on this wiki an through this blog site, that the Legends are getting a new member that's not an original character and not from the comics or another Arrowverse series. I saw a few blogs elsewhere thinking Terry Mcginnis, better known as Batman Beyond will be that team member. However, I thought of one main reason why not, being that Gotham is running now, however, someone else came to mind. Warhawk , better known as Rex Stewart from the DCAU. 

For starters, Hawkman and Hawkwoman do have an impact on the show, being part of the reason we have LoT in the first place. Plus looking at what they did with Dr.s Alchemy and Light, they could easily rename this character and say s/he's the son of somebody else. Just an idea I had, what do you think?