Alright people of the fandom, Classic Fan 92 again. I know a lot of people all over the internet are going on about how they knew Julian was Alchemy, revealed in the last episode. But after seeing his reaction to Savitar, and all those cultists, is he the only one?

Let me walk you through this, many DC villains and heroes have passed down codenames, such as Mirror Master, Brother Blood, and Green Lantern to name of few. Plus remember how Oliver almost became Ra's Al Ghul? Why can't the same thing be said about Alchemy?

Here are my reasons, all we saw at the end of Killer Frost was Julian pulling out a costume, no one saw him put it on. Plus he did say he was from a rich and privelleged family, ever wonder what they did with all that cash? For all we know, Julian's family was a part of the cult and he was offered to be the next Alchemy. But seeing what kind of menace he's dealing with, Julian left to figure out how to stop Metas. There for why he's in the CCPD, to be where it all is. 

Part two of my thought goes to Edward Clarris, aka The Rival. Savitar killed him when he failed to stop the Flash. So when Flash, Joe and a few CCPD members show up to take down Alchemy, who's to say Savitar didn't decide to throw in a wicked Pink Slip and end the Alchemy we saw in the episode. Realizing what this means, who's to say Savitar wanted Julian to take up the mantle himself?

Just an idea, what do you think?