I think I understood it lives zoom and  reverse fash died when Edi suicide. Reverse Flash  traveled in 2000 and then created a predestined paradox I think that's the name.So reverse flash returned to that episode because time is needed someone to create that paradox but reverse flash impersonating a doctor Wells made that paradox predestined so time no longer needs him and so died when Edi to committed suicide.

I think in episodes same when the team flash decided to close breaches  zoom traveled back in time by resetting the day creating the ghost of the time that we see when barry travels in time but zoom Replace to replace it somehow managed to make somewhat both co-exist but because time does not need the ghost of time it can move bad because he wiped out of existence. So in that momint were three. When Jay said he goes to sleep he went to meet with those two versions of its futuristic.Jay swapped clothes with his ghost temporal zoom and was back in time to create the zoom.Ghost temporal had jai's role and zoom was zoom and when Jay died ZOOM did not die because time does not need that Zoom's version .Jay and Zoom were two alternative version  and if one dies version will not affect the other version.And that I think I was happening. 

I would like to add that since the zoom velocity used until now and his lightning is blue. Eliza Harmon died be  so fast because she did not have a natural connection speed force and I think we must change in velocity page.