So the season finale left me shook. I wasn't expecting such a good finale from Arrow, especially after the last two seasons. I mean don't get me wrong, this season was lit, but I wasn't expecting the finale to be this good. It effectively tied together the flashbacks of all five seasons and ended on a cliffhanger that made me rip my hair out. Adrian Chase was an excellent villain, and how much he psychologically tortures Oliver will make me remember him as one of the best villains on the arrowverse. The finaleended on a grim note as Lian Yu was destryed when Adrian killed himself, with all of Team Arrow on it.

Now its clear that one character will die, but we don't know who, or how they will die. Team Arrow will mostly survive, and I'm betting its either by seeking haven in Slade's underground ARGUS prison, or by escaping by sme miraculous boat that just appeared at the right time, any ways, they will survive. But coming on to the main point, Who will DIE?

I know that we see Malcolm step on the mine, which later blew up, but it is possible that he din't die. For one, we didn't see him die, so their is always a path for a miraculous escape, and secondly, Malcolm doesn't seem the type to die so fast. His relationship with Thea was just getting started, and maybe he will come back and continue on that sub-plot, but we have to wait.

Onto Slade now. Wilson was one of the main reasons I loved this finale. Probably the best Arrow villain yet, it will be a shame if they kill him. I would like to see him become some kind of anti-hero, possibly coming on some other Arrowverse shows. The thing about Slade it that he is such a versatile antagonist. Thay could pit him against the flash, or maybe even the Legends, or just make him a mercenary assassin like he was in the comics. The thing I am trying to say is that the writers could now bend Slade into anything, and if they killed him off, then they have just missed a golden oppurtunity.

Thea Queen dying would be an disastrous blow to Oliver. Now he will be the only Queen, and if she dies, then Adrian might as well be successful in breaking Oliver. She is the bond that holds him thogether, them being the only Queens left. I personally don't want her to die. Laurel already died, and I think killing Thea off will kind of repeat what happened in Season 4, and we don't want that to happen. Also, if Malcolm is still alive, then giving up Thea will be a very stupid decision, so lets hope she survives.

Getting down into the team, I don't want anyone to die from them. Rene's daughter still remains unresolved, and I kind of like wild Dog and all that he brings to the team, he seems like that brash and stubborn adddition that keeps the team in balance. Killing off Dinah will be useless, she hasn't been developed enough to matter to anyone if she is killed, also killing to canaries consecutively will make it seem like the writers don't like birds. Curtis is annoying, yet I see potential in him. If the writers stress some darker storylines on him, we can see a real change in his character (I hope). Also, he adds some much needed diversity in the show. Diggle should not go at all. I feel that he adds some much needed Big Brother figure for Oliver, and considering all the drama with Lyla and his son, I thing Diggle should stay, also, having diggle dead would kill off a vital part of Arrow, because unlike Felicity, I feel there is a lot about Diggle we can still see, and it would be a real shame if he is killed off before we know him completely. 

Lance is a tricky guy. On one hand, I feel that he doesn't really add anything to the show. He is just the deputy mayor, and sometimes a mentor figure to Rene. His death would devastate Oliver, yet it will still be completely justifiable. On the other hand, if Black Siren still lives the destruction of Lian Yu, then it would be an amazing arc to see them both reconcile, and maybe even re-introduce the Black siren redemption idea. Here's hoping that the writers don't pass upon this opputunity.

Now onto the final two people who I think should actually die, Felicity and Samantha. It would be interesting to see Samantha die because it could open up so many different alleys for Oliver. The emotional blow would make Oliver crumble, reinforcing Chase's idea of whoever kknew Oliver would die. Furthermore, if Samantha were to die, it would open up a new relationship between Oliver and William. Who knows, maybe William will even be trained by Oliver, I'm just saying that killing Smantha will open many opputunities for William, and the relationship between him and Oliver is one that I strive to see. By now, we know Felicity should die, and its obvious why. But seeing the writers had remade the Olicity relationship, thats probably not going to happen, maybe next season?

So, who do you think should die in the latest episode? Leave a comment to let me know.