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  • I live in Central City
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  • Arrowverse Fan 17

    Hello, this is my first blog post in the Arrowverse Wikia! I love watching Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow. They are the best shows in the history of shows! 

    I love the shows so much, and I relate to them in every possible way :). My favorite characters in the Arrowverse are (ranked as listed from favorite to least favorite) Kara Danvers, Iris West, Ray Palmer, Nate Hayewood, Barry Allen, Felicity Smoak, Wally West, Jesse Quick, Dinah Drake, Oliver Queen, and Amaya Jiwe.

    Little information about me, I am a young Egyptian boy who loves technology. I have a Twitter account to go alongside this Wki account as well. With my blog posts, below I have a link to a Quotev quiz I created, please take it and comment your results! :…

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