Has anyone ever wondered... why does the person I like not like me back? Well, I sure have! It's weird to know that you might feel that your in love with someone but find out that maybe they may or may not feel the same way about you. BTW I know that this is probably for the Green Arrow fanpage but I feel like I can express myself through here you feel me? Well anyways, my crush has these beautiful green eyesWhen I look into them, its like I'm starting to dydrean or something. My bestie says that he like me or whatever but that's hat a lot of people said before, and he ended up asking this girl I thought was my bestie but she wsn't. She ended up saying yes and I as happy that she had found someone she probably likes and likes her too. But wht hurt me was the fact that she knew that I liked that guy. So far, my exerience with "love" hasn't been the best. But I really do hope that for thse people like me, don't let tears run down your cheks for someone that's probably not even worth it okay? ALWAYS KEP YOUR HEAD UP, NOT MATTER WHAT :)​