It would  be  interesting  if

- Slade  seduces  her  and  makes  her  fall  in love  with him  and  trains  her  to  take  down Oliver  and  Sara , Laurel  is tied to both characters  they  both care  about  her.

- Laurel could  wear  a mask  , I  can  imagine  the  WTF moments when they  realise who's  who.

Why this would  work

- At this point Laurel has no one on her side  shes  vulnerable.

-Slade  has already mentioned  she is a  big part  of  his  revenge  plan.

-Taking her away  from Oliver and  Sara  would  be the ultimate revenge as opposed to just killing her off.

- Plus it  could  Katie  Cassidy something better  than damsel in  distress shes  the only  main character  the  writers have left to fix  Roy  and  Thea are better this year .