With creators of the show often opting to use Batman villains or borrowing the likes of Konstantin Kovar and Damien Darhk elsewhere you might think that there's nothing left to adapt out of Oliver's own enemies. It is not exactly true, although to be fair, they've already adapted nearly any major enemy of Green Arrow and as Queen wasn't an A-list superhero for most of his history, what's left are mostly half-forgotten curiosities. Which writers surprisingly also use quite often. Just to be sure, I want to begin with listing and accounting whom they've already used through five seasons of Arrow and spin-off shows as well, as some characters were adapted on The Flash for one reason or another (while some Flash villains were on the contrary used on Arrow).

So, here's the numbered list of whom they've already used in the order of appearance:

  1. Constantine Drakon - it's a shame they won't use this character more often both in comics and on the show. While I loved Darren Shahlavi in the role, they could've spare him for a few other episodes. They actually still can re-use the character - as this Drakon was only listed as Drakon in the comics they might use something of a relative as a variant more close to the comics, as they did for Cecil Adams.
  2. Martin Somers - there wasn't much to adapt from the comics but they actually managed to splice this guy twice in the series, as Adam Hunt also had more then a passing resemblance to Somers from the comics (including hiring Dragon, being killed by a supervillain and how the guy looks). (1 character adapted as 2)
  3. Chien Na Wei/China White - was the first villain ever defeated by Queen according to modern canon and was actually adapted really well.
  4. Natas - villainous mentor of Oliver's whose elements were used heavily in Arrow's version Yao Fei.
  5. Ankov - one of my favorites in term of obscurity - nearly no one had remembered the original one-off alien villain from 1960 and, despite writers adapted him very loosely it is nice they did research for such a passing easter egg.
  6. Arthur King/Malcolm Merlyn/The Dark Archer - this one is a rather tricky example - in order to make one of the archenemies of Green Arrow more threatening then the comic book counterpart, who is mostly a mercenary, they've used elements of Albert Davis to give him a tragic backstory. Worked quite well. Also, elements of Merlyn the Archer were used in Tommy Merlyn, whose character in turn inspired one of the modern version of Merlyn in the comics. (1,5 character adapted as 2)
  7. Onomatopoeia - Mr. Blank was based on him loosely until screenwriters decided that it was a stretch and renamed their version. Kevin Smith, who had created Onomatopoeia had promised in some interview that since he's affiliated with Arrowverse nowadays he might adapt the character himself.
  8. Cecil Adams - it was really nice to see one of Arrow's archenemies in media actually based on Green Arrow as he was adapted a lot in Batman media, for some reason. It was also interesting to see that they've actually managed to adapt him as three different characters - Cecil Adams, Webb and Werner Zytle. (1 character adapted as 3)
  9. Slade Wilson/Deathstroke - it was a hard cohoice whether to count Deathstroke as a Green Arrow villain or not - while primarily associated with Teen Titans he clashed with Oliver Queen a lot in the comics and probably deserves a mention as his enemy as well.
  10. The Dodger - originally a minor villain of Green Arrow, who had later become a member of Team Arrow in the comics.
  11. Isabel Rochev - for some reason series version of the character is a combination of the original Rochev (a.k.a. The Queen), Ravager and John Deleon. Not that I'm complaining. (2,5 characters adapted as 1)
  12. Cyrus Gold/The Acolyte/Solomon Grundy - as with Deathstroke it was hard to include him here because he's not primarily known to be a villain of Green Arrow's. But then again, in both cases, villains clashed repeatedly with Oliver Queen.
  13. The Starling Slasher - based primarily on The Seattle Slasher, a serial killer with whom Oliver clashed during his Seattle period, but also uses elements of another Green Arrow villain:
  14. The Star City Slayer. (2 characters adapted as one)
  15. Milo Armitage - a minor but personal villain of Connor Hawke's Green Arrow in the comics, although here they've focused more on his primary job as an arms dealer.
  16. Willaim Tockman/The Clock King - yet another Green Arrow villain returning from the clashes of Batman media, where he was for decades used as far as in 1960's Batman series.
  17. Vincent Steelgrave - it was interesting to see Season 3 first episode opening with Team Arrow catching yet another obscure villain. Also a leader of a smuggling ring in the comics Professor Steelgraves was a fairly minor villain in the comics.
  18. Greg Osborne - why they used Osborne, who is a villain for nearly a whole ark in the comics as a one-off henchman (while he was a corrupt CIA agent) is a mystery for me.
  19. Simon Lacroix/Komodo - a recent invention, who had his first appearance in 2013.
  20. Vengeance - a psychotic murderous vigilante, who was slain by Cupid. Sounds familiar?
  21. Carrie Cutter/Cupid - not as recent as Komodo (first appearing in 2009), but you can see that writers already ran off more classic villains by Season 3.
  22. Danny Brickwell/Brick - quite a major Green Arrow villain in the comics, although he was a meta-human in such.
  23. Hannibal Bates/The Everyman - clashed so much with Green Arrow in the comics that he even adopted the nickname of The Dark Archer.

So, as of now, weirdly enough Arrow and spin-offs had only used 23 actual Green Arrow villains (including Nudocerdo, excluding Light ad the List mentions who may turn up later), adapting them as 28 characters. Not exactly the number you can expect from the series which is on its 5th season, but I actually somewhat understand writers in that situation as having the first season with murderous Oliver (who is still murdering people at times in the modern storyline and frequently in the flashbacks) they were ought to choose more disposable, brief characters. That doesn't explain, though, why they've wasted perfectly good villains who may have been used for an ark or two such as Drakon, Osborne and Dodger, making them one-off villains, at the same time giving larger roles to minor characters, borrowed from rouges galleries of:

With that said, digging through Green Arrow villains it's easy too understand why it is hard for writers to use them more often - a lot of them lack personality, deep conflict with the hero, often being a gimmick and a gimmicky nickname. A lot of which I would still love to notice somewhere in the series. I should say that I've used a nice Wikipedia page on Green Arrow's enemies as well as DC Database to compile this research.

So, here is a rather large selection of villains which were not used on the show yet:

  • Francis Doran/Acrobat - the nickname is a dead giveaway on his abilities, but the twist is that he's also an archer with a magic bow, which can transform arrows into something in mid-air. With both magic and science introduced in the show he has much potential, in fact.
  • The Angler - a gold smuggler, who used fishing gimmicks. With all the exotic choices by Arrow villains - why not.
  • Anton Allegro - Russian musician permanently deafened by a trick arrow used a book of magic spells to make demons with his synthesizer.
  • Bonzo/The Ape Archer - first one was a real ape working for Bart Rockland, while second one tried to pin his crimes on ape. Something with actually transforming to ape could fit nicely with The Flash.
  • The Archer From Mars - supposedly alien crimefighter but actually an ordinary crook with gimmicks.
  • Darby van Heller/Archie the Archer - another failure of an archer, impersonated Green Arrow.
  • Auntie Gravity - something The Flash can use much more likely, an elderly meta-human woman who can control gravity.
  • Penelope/Bad Penny - a thief with a pair of shock gloves.
  • Lars/Barricade - a really weird villain, monk who was turned into a living skeleton in the magic accident involving Green Arrow.
  • Beau Brummel - villainous archer. Yes, there are plenty of them.
  • Belknap - international drug ring leader.
  • Big Game - legacy name of two minor villains.
  • The Birdmen Gang - a gang of at least six men with jetpacks, who fought Green Arrow and Speedy at least twice. Could be used as something like Thief, Vincent Steelgrave or Royal Flush Gang in the pre-opening prologue/first scene of The Flash or Arrow.
  • Black Arrow - a rather unmemorable and brief predecessor to Dark Archer.
  • The Black Duke - an evil 15th century nobleman. I wonder why DC's Legends of Tomorrow won't use figures like this for the sake of it.
  • Professor White/The Black Magician - a magician out-of-work who turned to crime. Also, there was someone with this surname on The List.
  • The Blaze - an arsonist with a flaming costume. Why the heck not.
  • The Blazing Infernos - a whole street gang of arsonists, actually hired by insurance investors.
  • The Blue Bowman - actually, an extra persona of a Batman villain Signalman.
  • The Blue Lancer - a criminal who uses spears and javelins. May fit nicely into Star City crime scene.
  • Bonfire - pyrokinetic shared villain of Black Canary and Green Arrow.
  • The Booby-Trap Bandits - a gang of eight men, who, as you might have guessed, use booby traps in their antics.
  • Martin Flint/The Boomerang - yes, Green Arrow has his own boomerang villain.
  • Borch - some extra-dimensional alien who had modeled a reality similar to Wild West and led a gang named the Clancy Bunch. Would've fit nicely into some Legends adventure.
  • The Boss - a two-time villain, a gang leader.
  • The Brain - a "brilliant racketeering leader". Where's Pinky.
  • Breaker - meta-human with explosive force in his fists.
  • Bull's Eye/Leapo the Clown - Green Arrow's answer to Joker, a clown marksman.
  • Camorouge - an invisible assassin and thief in the stolen military camouflage high-tech suit. Name sounds like something Cisco Ramon would've crafted on a very uninspired day.
  • The Camouflage King - basically identical to the previous case.
  • Captain Kilgore - some pirate.
  • Captain Lash/Cap'n Lash - some pirate, again. Makes me wonder why the heck turn Jon Valor into villain if you have these.
  • The Cat - Green Arrow once had his own, cross-dressing Catwoman.
  • Champion - a mercenary who started as a hero but turned into a villain.
  • Cheapjack - some guy with electric whip.
  • Chokh - leader of The Doomsters, genetically altered race of aliens, who needed to pollute the air of planet to live in it.
  • Cherry Noller - female leader of a drug cartel.
  • Colonel Thaddeus Lucius Krisp - a rouge military officer who tried to coerce Green Arrow into assasinating some president of the USA.
  • Marty Costa - a drug dealer who had killed a mayor. Who was also a drug dealer.
  • "Cougar" Cain - some gang leader, who (wait for it) stole super-powered arrows sent to Green Arrow and Speedy from 3000 AD and used them for crimes. Actually, something like that could fit rather nicely with Legends.
  • Count Carl - nobleman and actor who sabotaged his acting rivals.
  • "Counterfeit" Carson/Archer of Scotland Yard - infiltrated (wait for it, again) Green Arrows of the World convention trying to plat some bomb.
  • The Crime Platoon - that actually could've been interesting - a gang modelled after army platoon. But they've already did this with Ted Gaynor and his gang.
  • Herb Vraney/Hector Vance/The Crimson Archer - criminal who crafted a new identity after the release and become a villain after Green Arrow trained him.
  • The Death Dealer - card-themed villain slain by Cupid.
  • Jeffrey Coopersmith/The Detonator - to be fair, something very similar to this show's version of Shrapnel.
  • Dictator Bracato - some banana republic dictator. The funny part of the story is that Green Arrow mentored a poor army opposed to them, whose only available weapon were bows.
  • The Director - some criminal with trick cameras. Why he was not nicknamed "Director of Photography" then?..
  • Sean Sonus/Discord - made whole Star City deaf.
  • Dr. Blades - criminal archaeologist who used some Aztec magic.
  • Dr. Davis - criminal inventor, whose first notable crime was human extortion.
  • Tom Wayne/The Doom - it is rather hard to describe that so I'll just quote Wikipedia: "Garbed in swim trunks, shoes, a hat, gas mask, cape, and nothing else, millionaire Tom Wayne (presumably no relation to Thomas Wayne, father of Batman), hoping to sell estate properties to the US government, extorted wealthy men by threatening to destroy their mansions unless their property was signed over to him." I'm especially worried by detailing of his costume.
  • Dregz - "Machete-wielding street thug super-villain wannabe" as Wikipedia puts it. I'd like to see that on the series.
  • Jaime Sanchez/El Espectro - Spaniard who had found a Fountain of Youth in 1513, but was buried nearby most of the time and was pissed off, naturally.
  • The Executrix - some mercenary.
  • Titus Flagman/The Flag - a pirate-wannabe supervillain with trick flags.
  • The Flying Aces - some acrobats.
  • The Frogmen Gang - some scuba divers.
  • Funny Arrow - a manager of an identically named parody attraction who had comitted crimes in the costume.
  • The Gagster - another Green Arrow's answer to Joker or, rather, Superman's Prankster.
  • GAMA the Mechanical Archer - robot archer.
  • Bromwell Stikk/Mister Twister/The Gargoyle - now that's an interesting case - used magic stuff to control weather, defeated by Teen Titans, mutated into a monster for some reason, was trapped in limbo, escaped into 15th century and was defeated by Batman and Green Arrow.
  • General Strodoff - military man in some Belgravia, imprisoned some archer superheroes The Scarlet Bowmen.
  • The Glorn Hive-Master - alien who took Black Canary as a queen of his race and was defeated using the radio waves.
  • The Ghost - that would've actually been an interesting villain - a ghost writer who started to plan crimes for some criminals using the same principle.
  • The Gnorl - not to be confused with The Glorn which are the race of the afore-mentioned obscurity. An energy-absorbing monster from another dimension.
  • The Great Rhinehart - criminal magician, a rival of Oliver's friend, escape artist Samson Citadel.
  • Greenface - poor man's Two-Face.
  • Hackett - China White's merc who befriended Oliver Queen in order to use his money and resources and later tried to kill him which, in the comics, led Oliver to be stranded on an island and then become Green Arrow.
  • The Harbor Thief - some harbour thief.
  • Cabeza Maestro/Headmaster Mind - a mentor of a lot of notable supervillains including The Top, Matter Master and The Tatooed Man. Once pinned crime of the latter on Green Arrow.
  • Roderick Rose/Hellgrammite - already adapted loosely on Supergirl, but it would have been interesting to see Arrowverse take on that.
  • Hi-Tek - teenage hacker, whom Arrow later befriended.
  • High-Rise - ever heard about notoriously laughable Marvel villain Stiltman? That's it but far less infamous.
  • Whitey Dunn/The Hijack King - a one-off brief villain who led the gang of highwaymen.
  • Howard Lampe - scientist, hypnotist, criminal, boring.
  • Veronica Dale/Hyrax - Green Arrow's answer to Posion Ivy, an international eco-terrorist.
  • The Iron Archer - Green Arrow actually had TWO ROBOT ARCHER enemies.
  • The Iron Archie - oh, wait, he had THREE.
  • Iron Rex - robot tyrannosuar. Because Batman also had one, I guess.
  • James Luckless - criminal with fixation on good luck symbols.
  • Joe Cracker - gangster who had a bright idea of using inherited construction equipment for robberies.
  • John Centaur - astrologist, archer and criminal on a horse.
  • Joshua - the guy who brainwashed Black Canary into nearly killing Green Arrow could have had a more memorable name. But he hadn't.
  • Juarez - well-intentioned terrorist, who used special gas to remove people's reason to act, leaving mindless shells. Was defeated by Arrow and The Question. The latter is a personal favorite of mine I'm waiting to see on Arrowverse since they've announced it back before Season 2.
  • Jungle Joe Meredith - Ever heard of ice bullets? That gang lord from Côte d'Ivoire takes it up to eleven with ice-darts for the blowgun.
  • The Junk-Man/The Recycled Superstar - before Atom fought The Leviathan he, Green Arrow and Superman fought another giant robot. That.
  • Lord Kalesque - British archer who duelled Green Arrow.
  • Karpo - Ancient Roman archer, who was defeated by Green Arrow as he was casually time-travelling to Ancient Rome.
  • Krystayl/Diamond Man - crystalline alien. Could've been an interesting basis for a meta-human.
  • Machiavelli - a rather impressive criminal mastermind who used Machiavelli's principles. Then again, Lex Luthor also did it in the 70's.
  • The Maharajah - posed as an Eastern mobility, tried to abduct himself.
  • Mayor Jack Major - yet another corrupt mayor.
  • Marcel Moreau - like Welles's Doctor Moreau only Canadian war profiteer.
  • James Morgan - century years old cyborg criminal mastermind.
  • The Mask - a really originally nicknamed masked assassin who was one of Green Arrow's greatest challenges... Because he was.
  • The Master - imagine Riddler. Now imagin him leaving statues as clues to his crimes on the scenes of such.
  • The Mastermind - guy, who had a bright idea of combining criminal specialists of different kind into complex impossible crimes.
  • The Mechanical Octopus Gang - a gang who thought it was a brilliant idea to use large vehicle shaped as an octopus. It wasn't.
  • The Mighty Micro - magician who, for some reason, tried to take over an isolated tribe in Peru.
  • The Mighty Murdock - Green Arrow had a lot of circus performers turned criminals.
  • Miklos Minotaur - eccentric gangster, who tried to kill Batman and Green Arrow with a labyrinth full of animals.
  • Mr. Exit - criminal who had some problems with Roy Harper. 1952's Roy Harper.
  • Mr. Mephisto/Dogfoot - wait for it, hobo who was believed to have demonic powers (the key word is "believed") by other hobos whom he coreced into making crimes.
  • Mr. Miniature - diminutive criminal with "toy" weapons. Although he was introduced in 1959, Batman's later villain Babydoll is nearly identical.
  • Mr. Sinistro - circus ringmaster. To be fair, you can actually combine a large circus out of unrelated circus criminals who fought Green Arrow through the decades.
  • Mr. Vention - another "bright idea criminal" (we need a term for them) who purchased seemingly pointless inventions in order to use them for crimes. Cisco would've likely call him The Patent.
  • Mr. Who - if you thought that he will have some identity crisis - nope. He was an owl-motif criminal.
  • Ffa'rrz/The Mocker - a single survivor of an alien race, eradicated by plague 12,000 who tries to mock life itself.
  • The Mole Men - two criminals who tried to pose as some subterranean civiliaztion to rob buildings.
  • Monique LaTour - tried to claim Gotham City as Batman was hospitalized. Green Arrow helped to do something about it.
  • Mrs. Hollinger - tried to avenge Green Arrow for killing her son, a criminal Green Arrow killed ten years ago. Tried to hire Slingshot for the job and even replace Oliver's trick arrows with lethal ones.
  • Nix - assasin and master of disguise at Rochev's disposal.
  • The Octopus - not to be confused with Spirit's The Octopus. And much less memorable as well.
  • Ozone - that's an interesting case - both enemy and occassional ally - graffiti artist and thief, who used spraycans in his crimes.
  • Pete Lomax - stripped Green Arrow of his weapons to defeat him (managed to put Black Canary in the hospital but that's it). Won't work with series Oliver.
  • Petie - fought Arrow twice, second time using elaborate lens gimmick.
  • Joey Sanders/The Phantom Bandit - another invisible man, kudos to stolen chemicals.
  • Frank Bates/The Phantom-Thief - some thief.
  • The Phoney Crook - a criminal dressed in Greek comedy mask, who was only steling objects with an unobvious value.
  • The Pinball Wizard - a pinball-themed criminal.
  • The Pneumatic Man - used airships. Failed.
  • The Polka Dot Bandit - not to be confused with Batman's Polka-Dot Man. And why he should?..
  • Tommy Doyle/The Printer's Devil - amazingly enough began a legacy.
  • The Professor - amazingly enough had a grudge with Queen and Harper and not their superhero personas. Not to be confused with a certain future criminal nicknamed The Professor.
  • Professor Angel - that's a weird case, again - hospital administrator had people surgically altered and disfigured and coerced them to commit crimes in exchange for returning them to normal.
  • Professor Halpert - tried to blame his gorilla, Chang, for his crimes.
  • Professor Merlin - a weird case, because he looked somewhat like Merlyn the Archer but was introduced much earlier (1942 against 1971) and was also similar to an earlier Prof. Merlin from 1941. Taught in a criminal college, where he mentored criminals.
  • Professor Million - recurring enemy from the 1940's who comitted mathematically perfect crimes to raise funds for his science projects.
  • Professor Ojo - a recurring supervillain, mainly known for brainwashing Ben Turner into being a criminal.
  • Professor Wurm - developed some pills which made people insane. Also other pills... to travel in time.
  • J. Jay Jaye/The Promoter - a con man who tried to steal some giant condor.
  • Albrecht Raines/Rainbow Archer - a known villain who is an archer and that's it.
  • Prof. Ronsom/Ravager - not be confused with a Deathstroke-related villains, which were adapted already with Isabel Rochev. This one is a scientist who become a time-travelling energy being wrecking havoc in time-stream.
  • John "Midas" Mallory/The Red Dart - origin is practically identical to Batman's Deadshot.
  • The Red Devils - four acrobatic hired killers.
  • Reverend Billy Miggs - led a militant church Southern Order of Change who used flying battlesuits. For 2011 that is somewhat uninspired.
  • Reverend Marcus Hale - led a sect named Harmony, which discouraged independent thought. Also secretly led a group "Out of Harmony" which supposedly tried to reintroduce people to society after his brainwashing but did exactly the opposite.
  • R.K. Mann/The Robot-Master - build robots, use them for crime, be caught and ridiculed by a man in green pants with a bow and arrow.
  • The Rocket Raiders - Green Arrow had two gangs of people with jetpacks.
  • Victor Pimm/The Rogues' Rembrandt - also an interesting one - an artist obsessed with crimes who was an accomplice to a few of them.
  • The Roper - it was predictable that there will be a criminal who used ropes in Green Arrow's Rogues Gallery. Because anyone has one.
  • Ruby Ryder - world's wealthiest woman as of 1971 in DC Comics. Also a criminal mastermind affiliated with James Morgan.
  • The Sea Scourge - another pirate, this time with a submarine.
  • The Searcher - alien energy-being who pursued another such alien, The Fugitive for 5000 years for stealing food for latter's starving race. Why, of all people, Batman, Green Arrow and Hawkman fought this?..
  • The Shark Gang - any rouges gallery needs at least one shark-themed villain. Green Arrow had these nine idiots with underwater devices.
  • "Shark" Nelson - Aquaman foe who had exchanged villains with Green Arrow. In case you needed a tenth one for completion.
  • Sir Sagramor - medieval knife who aided Morgan le Fey.
  • The Sky Raider - an aircraft criminal.
  • S.K.Lark/The Skylark - Green Arrow had two villains who used dirigibles.
  • The Snare - fanatical collector who started to collect humans. That would have been an interesting villain if not for 1949 script work.
  • The Specialist - Moriarty-like criminal who sold smart plans to ordinary crooks. Queen approached him as a criminal not unlike what he did with Cecil Adams on Arrow.
  • The Spectrum Man - Green Arrow's answer to Batman's Crazy Quilt and Flash's Rainbow Raider had a better nickname, but that's it.
  • Lucas Ludlow-Dalt/The Spider - a son of original The Spider, a superhero, but a villain. Also an archer for some freaking reason.
  • Spider Slade - used giant insects. Despite spiders are not insects.
  • Mayor Thomas Bolt/Steelclaw - mayor moonlighting as a costued criminal. I've seen that somewhere.
  • Malachi Yandro/The Stinger - gang leader who developed a costumed persona because it was a trend.
  • The Storm King - poor man's Weather Wizard.
  • The Survivalist - paramilitary extremist who tried to begin a ncuclear war with Russia.
  • The Switchman - "I like trains".
  • Thaddeus Cable - gang leader who financed Mayor Jack Major.
  • The Thief in Dimension Zero - giant thief from another dimension and an enemy of Xeen Arrow, some interdimensional archer.
  • Thurston Keane - vacation resort manager and secretley a member of Organization, a group who had necluear weapons and wanted to overthrow governments. Why Green Arrow fought him? Keane was stupid enough to pin him and Black Canary for some small crime of his.
  • Timer/The Weather Prophet - another man with a bright idea - to synchronize crimes with natural disasters.
  • Dr. Titus Selinger - created a giant smog creature and spread a smog across the USA.
  • Tony Roller/Lola Fontana - a transvestite villain who opened a crooked casino.
  • The Trickster - no, not this one, Green Arrow had his own in 1957.
  • The Turtle - no, not this one, another freaking pirate.
  • The Voice - Green Arrow also head two different criminals to make whole Star City deaf.
  • The Vulcan Gang - three criminals who used stolen experimental drilling equipment named "Vulcan" to rob a jewelery store.
  • The Vulture Man - another flying loser.
  • Waxface - Green Arrow's answer to Batman's Falseface. Yes, the've even answered that.
  • Werewolf - not to be confused with Batman's Werewolf or any other generic Werewolf.
  • The Werewolves of London - a biker gang, because why not.
  • The Wind - a guy who had a truck, a few giant fans and a bright idea how to use these two.
  • Horace Kates/The Wizard - a villain who had a bright idea to exchange enemies with an Aquaman villain.
  • The Yellow Peril - four losers who took over Coast City's airport dressed in yellow to evade Green Lantern's powers only to be beaten by Green Arrow and Black Canary.

It took a few hours over a few days to compile this list and I bet it is obvious that I was less enthusiastic with each villain covered - to put it straight and basic most of Green Arrow's villains are quite generic, borrowed and not even bizzare enough to stand out (apart from few rather impressive examples). Nearly each one needs a lot of script work to be inserted in a major storyline of a TV series season and moreover, nearly anyone impressive enough was already treated. But still it would have been nice to see a few more obscurities to pop up on the page Characters from the DC comics adapted in Arrow.