Comic book villains are fascinating. It's great how each superhero has a unique, colorful rogues gallery with a few candidates for an archenemy (although often one stands out to be the actual one). And it is also translates great to a TV medium. Initially, when "Arrow" started back in 2012 I was really skeptical it could adapt as much characters as "Smallville". Boy, how wrong I was. When Season 1 managed to use a lot of major players as well as some of the most obscure characters ever such as Ankov I was hooked and eagering to see who's next. Not to mention The List, which was and is one of the coolest Easter Eggs in comic book TV-series ever.

And that is where I want to start a little something on this blog - as so far Arrowverse shows managed to adapt most of the major players out of Rogues Galleries I figured it will be interesting to list a few potential candidates who might appear on Arrowverse shows later. Of course, now that we have a multiverse, possibilities are nearly endless with multiple variants of villains we've already seen, while DC's Legends of Tomorrow can use pretty much anything they want (though, ironically, they seem to be very careful with that only grabbing a handful of characters here and there). Still, that trick could only be pulled a few times on the show, so I doubt writers would rely on it greatly - they need to preserve variety.

So, since its introduction The List was a major piece of foreshadowing, giving us a lot of names, some of which become important on the show much later, even crossing to other shows of the Arrowverse, such as The Flash. But still, there are quite a few names which were not explored much in the series. And they include:

  • Lester Buchinsky/The Electrocutioner - a murderous vigilante who had began a notable legacy of second tier supervillains. "Gotham" had used a spin on the same character(s) with Jake Buchinsky, portrayed by Christopher Heyerdahl. It would be interesting to see "Arrow" crafting its own Electrocutioner, as the character is one of the few who actually shared equally by both Batman and Green Arrow (and also Vigilante, Adrian Chase).
  • Palmer Cokes/Sniper One - a minor villain, whose most notable deed in the comics was wounding Roy Harper quite seriously. Had only appeared a handful of times, but sniper is an interesting and realistic choice for a villain on the show.
  • Albert Davis - it is highly unlikely that we will see him, because, well, his origin story was already adapted in another character of the show - Malcolm Merlyn, nearly verbatim.
  • John Deleon - as in case of Davis, there's not much for him left to do, because his role as a corporate villain usurping Queen's company was already fulfilled by Isabel Rochev, whose name was also featured in the List.
  • David Drayson/Slingshot - well, that was a weird omission, so we probably will see this thug showing up and showing off his skills with quite a tricky and gimmicky weapon.
  • London White - while it is not a character from the comics, as far s I know, the name is noteworthy as some Easter Egg hinting on a DC character named Manchester Black, a British anti-hero with telepathic and telekinetic powers. Black is quite an interesting character who would fit nicely into some British adventure on "Arrow" and also could have definitely used such a playful pseudonym.

Also, in case you wonder, it is highly unlikely that we will ever see Yasemin Soze or Wes Anselm, because both of their names were also tattooed on Floyd Lawton's body. But, then again, so was Andy Diggle's...

Summarizing I was kind of sad when the List was mostly disregarded - it could have cost Oliver a lot less problems if he was periodically digging up names from the list or paying attention to some of them popping up in his life. After all, nearly anyone on the list was guilty of serious crimes and each next name popping up had only strengthened that axiom of mine.

Tune up next time, when I will dig up what's left of Green Arrow's Rogues Gallery. Similar treatments are also planned for The Flash, John Constantine, Firestorm and The Atom. And probably won't misspell "rogues" in the name of the post.